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Feb 1, 2008 05:13 PM

Christies of Newport, RI

I'm heading to Newport this weekend for a hopefully inexpensive winter weekend away and I had hoped to dine at Christies as I had many moons ago. It appears that it isn't there anymore, having been sold to developers, yet there is a website for another place named Christies boldly proclaiming they are open now and the address is 14 Perry Mill Wharf, site of the Cheeky Monkey which, according to their website, is now in Narragansett. Can anyone enlighten me to what I will find in Newport. Is there a new Christies and is it run by the former people?

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  1. I would try Cafe Zelda, Asterisk both on Thames or Fluke on Bowens wharf

    1. The Mooring is always reliable. And the Brick Alley Pub is fun and inexpensive.

      Jerry Saywell

      1. There is a new Christies run by different people. It's adjacent to the old property This one's more upscale and morre expensive, I think. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best seafood we've had recently in Newport ws at Scales, further down Thames St. Great meny, wood grill you can watch and very nice people. Have a nice weekend.

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          Thanks for the info everyone. Took a look at the new Christies and it certainly resembles the old one in nothing more than name. Bright new orange and white decor and a quite small dining room. Not my style but Cafe Zelda was. Excellent meals and appetizers. Stopped by the Rhumbline on Bridge St for an after dinner drink and might have tried dinner there had I realized when making reservations that they were still in business. Always wanted to go in there as it looks so charming from the street. Dinner menu looked good there but that's for the next trip.

        2. I'll second The Mooring and Cafe Zelda. I was at the Mooring a month or so ago for a somewhat elaborate Saturday lunch and it was fantastic.