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Feb 1, 2008 05:06 PM

ISO Dark chocolate-covered almonds

I am looking for dark chocolate-covered almonds. I hate the ones you get at the grocery store, they are far too sugary and not chocolatey-enough for my taste. Bonus points if the almonds are pre-roasted.

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  1. I have purchased dark chocolate covered almonds at Shoppers...They are in a pouch in the candy aisle (one of the hanging displays) I'm sorry I can't remember the name (something beginning with "B" I think)....they come in milk chocolate as well. My husband seems to like them, I don't eat them so I don't know if they are 'sugary'. Think they're about 4 or 5 dollars..........

    1. I'm pretty sure Domino's, at St Lawrence Market, in the basement, has them. They a have fruit and nut dark chocolate in bulk that I like that is much less sweet than prepackaged Cadbury or Hershey types. I'm almost certain I've seen dark chocolate covered almonds in the adjacent bulk boxes.

      1. Check Villa Foods on Marlee.

        1. On the expensive end is Soma in the Distillery District -- quality dark chocolate over roasted almonds. On the cheaper end (but still pretty good) is Costco. They carry a brand called "Chocolate Bowl" (I think). Roasted almonds, ok chocolate, but still addictive.

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            Thanks, all. I will try Domino's first and go from there. I do prefer bulk over packaged as a rule.