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Oct 9, 2001 12:32 PM

Wine By The Glass

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Not having been, and having seen some really bad service related problems posted, I did want to mention that "The Little Door" at 8164 W. 3rd Street supposedly sells "all" of their wines by the glass, (at least according to Gayot). Does anyone know if that's the case?

Despite all the terrible things I have read about the snotty service, etc. this place still intrigues me. One of these nights I will drag my reluctant spouse and see for myself.

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  1. As I live directly behind the restaurant I have had dinner there on a number of occasions. I have not been for wine only in a number of years. If my memory serves me correctly they did offer a very large and good selection of wines by the glass.
    I do not recall the service as being unusually snotty, but I am usually there with a group which can distract from this problem. However, it is difficult to get a patio seating and they allow smoking at the bar.

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      john gonzales

      Popular yes, but not overwhelmingly snooty or high-brow

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