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Feb 1, 2008 04:58 PM

Superbowl GAMETIME dining/drinking recommendations?

Best locations to experience this Sundays Superbowl:

After experiencing firsthand today's traffic debacle at the University of Phoenix Stadium for the NFL experience, we've decided to avoid anything within 2-3 miles of the stadium and focus instead on catching the game at a hopefully hound-worthy locale.

We're trying to find the best all the worlds: Food, Beverage *AND* Broadcast for this Sundays Superbowl that can be experienced in a family-tolerant atmosphere (doesn't have to be designed for kids, but a place where all can party/drink/eat and watch the game and the kids won't be tossed due to age restrictions)

Recommendations so far are:

1. McDuffys: Restaurant; Bar; Big Screens + TV's and games upstairs for kids if they get bored. Location: Approximately 5 miles from the Stadium at 83rd Ave South of Bell.

2. ?

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  1. You might want to check out the Superbowl sticky (great idea, by the way, and glad that the mods realized this) to see what is around. Most is very food-oriented, as this board should be, but many will have TVs handy.