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Feb 1, 2008 04:50 PM

82nd Birthday Dinner

I'm looking for a place to take my parents for my father's birthday. They're in Northeast Philly but we could drive within 45 minutes or so to Bucks or Montgomery Counties if the restaurant is nice, relatively quiet and walker-friendly. Price or type of food not really an issue, although a scenic ride would be a plus.

Thanks for any help provided-

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  1. How about the former DiLullo's/Moonstruck (is it Toto's now?) on Oxford Avenue just below the intersection with Rhawn. The food is usually really good and there are no steps (except for the bathroom!).

    The Summer Kitchen in Bucks County on Rte 232 north of Richboro also is very nice with no steps (and here the lavatory is on the same floor).

    1. Beulah beat me to it with her suggestion of Moonstruck.
      It's very attractive and the food and service are excellent. The menu is large, with many good choices.
      It's divided into several small rooms, and if you tell them you want a quiet place, they can put you into one of the rooms that has only a few tables.
      We have taken many guests there, and it has never been too noisy to talk.
      We even drive up there occasionally from center city!
      There is a parking lot adjacent.