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Feb 1, 2008 03:53 PM

FN - Deliscio (sic) What is this?

Jfood clicked onto FN this evening and there was a show named Deliscio, he thinks. It reminded jfood of a SNL take-off of Giada. Yet FN does not show this on their sight.

Anyone else see this? It was horrible.

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  1. it is called simply delicioso and yes, it is a bit fluffy

    1. Simply Delicioso is a newish FN show (practically a copy of Giada's IMO) that was pretty heavily promoted last year when it began. I forget the name of the host, but I am sure I have seen her elsewhere (the Today Show, maybe?). Focus is on Latin cuisines.

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      1. She's the hispanic Rachael Ray. Avert your gaze and you'll be fine.

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          1. re: Blueicus

            avert means away from! but maybe you won't want to.... ;-) (cause i recall you like giada, too!)

        1. we watched about 5 minutes of it today..waiting for another show to begin. We noticed her accent comes and goes. Interesting.

          1. It is truly ridiculous. She is terrible. And I love salsa music, but not for 30 minutes straight during onion close-ups and whatnot.