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wings for Sunday: bake vs. fry...help?

So, Jake wants wings on Sunday for the game. Great. I am trying to be a little better about our eating so has anyone ever baked wings instead of frying them? We like them really crispy!

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!

GO PATS!!!!!!

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  1. I always bake my wings. Alton Brown says that it's practically frying anyway because all of the skin. He has this weird system of steaming and then frying, to cut down on the smoking in the oven. I have no problem doing my wings at 400 degrees. But he did have a good idea of letting them sit open in the fridge for a couple of hours to dry out the skin. I am going to do that on sunday.

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      When brown and crisp I brush them with sriracha hot sauce and broil them for a few minutes both sides until slightly charred. Dipped in low fat ranch dressing, yumo.

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        I do a version of this by boiling the wings for about 5 minutes first. This removes most of the fat and begins to break down the connective tissue.

      2. Grilling is better. Frying is great, too. Baked wings are good, but cleaning the pan is a real pain, and the wings never quite render all their fat.

        I think grilling is the best way. Nice and smoky, and all the fat renders out.

        1. That episode of Good Eats was repeated a couple of days ago. Alton Brown first steamed the wing segments for ten minutes to render some of the fat and precook. He then baked them on a wire rack on a sheetpan lined with parchment paper for easy cleanup. If I remember correctly, he baked them at 400 for twenty minutes, then turned them over for twenty minutes more. Yes, he mentioned that this seemed very long for such small items, but he said it was necessary to soften all of the connective tissue and crisp them up. He then tossed them in a large bowl with 3 parts melted butter to two parts hot sauce, and claimed they still held their crispiness.

          1. Here is a recipe from epicurious for baked wings that you toss with a balsamic soy glaze. They say that the pre-roasting assures a crisper skin. And I think it worked out that way for us pretty well. I brought this to a superbowl party last year and people really did like it. Look at the comments for tips and think about using the nonstick aluminum foil to line the pan to make it easier to clean up.

            Here's the recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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              When I saw the OP's post, these were the wings that came to mind - a friend of ours made them and they are SO fantastic. Great flavor, crispy, satisfying. There were none left . . . .

            2. I bake mine--with foil on the baking sheet for 30 minutes at 425. I use the full wing though, not sure about timing for them if they are broken down. Also, after 20 minutes I dip them in my wing sauce to sort of bake it in for the last 10 minutes. Then re-toss (I reheat the sauce to kill any bacteria). They were inspired by a Tyler Florence recipe and I make them for lots of boys and they always give them rave reviews and they get super crispy.

              1. I prefer to grill my wings, frying is my alternate choice. Baking the wings is not my favorite way of doing them but it's not too bad. I usually marinate my wings in Sriracha, fish sauce,dark soy, liquid smoke, hoisin sauce and a little olive oil for 4-8 hours. Then i grill those babies over a medium hot grill with some hickory chips and enjoy. I use the grill all year around and even prefer to use it when it is colder.

                1. BBQ'd - fat drips off and if you have a sauce that has a sweet component and brush them while on the grill near the end of cooking after fully cooked and crspy, the sauce carmalizes.
                  We also BBQ them crispy and serve with buffalo sauce.

                  1. I fry after drying the wings overnight in the fridge. A simple hot sauce is Cholula Hot Sauce, butter and honey. If I want super hot, then a couple of drops of habanero sauce works great.

                    GO PATS!!

                    1. I like the steam/bake method, also the Korean fry/fry (sort of par fry, cool, then fry again), but if I were cooking for a crowd I'd go with:

                      1. Cut up wings, rinse and towel dry
                      2. Sprinkle with seasoning (whatever you like. I go with cayenne+Old Bay) and salt.
                      3. Dredge in flour (or a mix of flour and corn meal)
                      4. Fry

                      They get really crispy that way (for sure crispier than any baked wings I've had), and not using a batter keeps them relatively grease free.

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                        I never fry wings and friends rave about them. I dry them in the fridge overnight and bake them in one layer on a heavy duty cookie sheet at 425 for about 30 minutes. Then I toss them in a mixture of melted butter, cider vinegar and Frank's hot sauce. (The butter is necessary to help the sauce adhere to the wings) I serve them with dishes of extra hot sauce and blue cheese dressing. they are so good.

                      2. Fried wings don't absorb any additional oil if they are not floured or breaded. Guaranteed crispiness this way. They seem pretty foolproof because different recipes suggest frying for 6 minutes or all the way up to 15 or 20 minutes. Just fry until you get a color you like and toss with sauce.

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                          We grill 'em. 10 minutes on one side, turn and grill for another 10, turn one last time and grill for 10 again on medium heat. Come out perfectly crisp each time.

                        2. Let us know what you decided to do and how it turned out.

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                            LOL....weeeellllll, we went from 4 people to 16 people and I have zero intention of frying wings all day! I actually cubed chicken breast, marinated it in wing sauce and did a slow roast in the oven. The sauce got into the meat and I tossed it with additional sauce right before serving. So far, the bowl is almost empty. Yeah, I know, I totally bitched out, but I just couldnt bear the thought of it on my last day off before the week begins!

                            I also made/served:

                            homemade potato rolls for the sliders
                            homemade sweet/spicy pickles for the sliders
                            good hot dogs with chopped tomato, onion, hot pickles and brown mustard
                            queso dip with hot sausage and rotel tomatoes
                            celery, carrots and homemade gorgonzola dip
                            mexican caviar
                            fresh salsa
                            homemade guacamole
                            bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese
                            black bottom cupcakes
                            banana black bottom cupcakes
                            beer and margaritas

                            Thanks hounds...I will be doing the dry in the fridge and then oven bake method within the next week to use all the wings I bought!

                            GOOOO PATRIOTS!

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                              Do you remember this post?
                              I am completely uninspired for the upcoming weekend. I am trying to plan now so I can get things purchased and any pre-prep done and out of the way so I can enjoy my weekend too!
                              I have zero direction. I do not know if anyone is coming over (I'd rather it just be us). I have no theme.
                              NEXT TIME JUST SAY NO.