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Feb 1, 2008 03:35 PM

Buffalo Wings in Thousand Oaks?

I lived in Orange County for 20+ years and always had buffalo wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Wings and Things in Huntington Beach was great. People would drive up from San Diego just to eat the wings! Any opinions about the best buffalo wings in Thousand Oaks? DanBP

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  1. There's a Stuft Pizza (an offshoot of the San Diego-based franchise) on Moorpark Road (same plaza as Best Buy and Mimi Cafe). In addition to the great pizza and wings, they also have great beer on tap as well. Lots of TVs and big tables, too.

    1. KYOCHON KYOCHON KYOCHON. I know you probably know the place and I know it's a trek from the valley and I know it's already Saturday but these wings are life-changing. 6th and Serrano, 213-739-9292

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        It'll take a good hour and a half to get to Kyochon from Thousand Oaks. Calling it a trek is an understatement.