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Oct 8, 2001 11:43 PM

The new and improved Toppers in

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Had dinner here tonight, atop the Raddison Huntley Hotel. The place used to be downright tacky and loud with extremely medicore american-ized mexican food.

Well it's still loud (happy hour sports bar), but they've redone the menu and the decor on the dining room side and it's not bad for a hotel restaurant.
You can't beat the view of the ocean too.

I had some short ribs that came with plantains and spanish rice and my friend had salmon. Nice side portions, decent food and since we used the Entertainment Book card, our dinner was about $12 a piece.

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  1. Really? I've had naught but heartbreak there... we went about a month ago and I about grew a beard between the seating and the appearance of the menu, and shaved it off only to have another grow between the ordering and the appearance of the food.

    It's a small place - how can it be so SLOW?

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      Yes to the slow, slow service. One interminable wait was one to many for me. Sorry to hear that the Godot aspect has not changed. But you saved me a visit.