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Feb 1, 2008 03:17 PM

Rovezzi's Worcester

I'm wondering why I do not see much about Rovezzi's Italian restaurant on Grove Street. I ate there a while back and enjoyed the food and the space but felt the service was a little oddly paced.

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  1. I think Rovezzi's has the best Italian food in Worcester, and the space is attractive, if a bit noisy. The service has always been fine when I've been there. A good experience all around.

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      i ate here the other night and unimpressed - especially for the money. Eggplant app was good, but the entree - pork medallions with pears was iffy. it was unidentifiable when served along with broccoli gratin and a baked pasta with cheese. It was really just a mound of food - oh and the dried parsley around the plate rim was so retro in a bad way. Nice menu but the presentation was terrible.

      the woman next to me at the bar had chicken and pasta shells in a red sauce. the chicken was the whole boneless breast in one piece - looked microwaved - plopped on top of the shells