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Feb 1, 2008 03:15 PM

Need recs for sushi dinner in center city Sunday

I have a dinner date on Sunday and am looking for a place that serves great sushi and good service. I've done my homework and narrowed the field down by what is open and in the area - the problem with past boards is that everyone has a different idea of what "great" sushi is... so I'm hoping a few criteria will get me steered in the right direction!
I prefer nigiri sushi over maki sushi, loved Morimoto, didn't like Pod, I'm hoping for a cleanly restaurant where you can have a conversation (instead of blaring music), but the atmosphere can be modern or more "traditional". The restaurants I've found so far are: Genji, Fuji Mtn., Shiroi Hana, Raw, Haru, Shinju, and Zento. Thoughts??

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  1. Of those restaurants I would recommend Fuji Mt, Raw, Haru & Zento. You said you'd like to be able to have a conversation so Raw may not be the best choice as it can get very loud. However, I've only been on weekends, not sure what it would be like on a Sunday night. The sushi is very good. Haru and Fuji Mountain are also both excellent choices. Fuji is probably more "traditional" and quieter of the two but I think the quality at Haru is better.
    Also, they are in completely different sections of the city. Haru being in Old City and Fuji Mt. in CC. If location is not an issue, I'd go with Haru. I had an excellent meal there last night. If you go, ask for the summer roll (it's not on the menu). You say you prefer nigiri over maki, but the summer roll is excellent and you will not be disappointed.

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      We disagree about Haru -- didn't like it at all. Zento is very high quality. We also liked Raw but went during the week and it wasn't loud then. Have never been to the others.

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        Wow, Beulah, I'm surprised that you didn't like Haru at all. Was there any reason in particular? Could you have been there on an off night? I was there twice and thought both meals were great!

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          I agree with Beulah about Haru, avoid it. Uzu (around the corner from Zento) is very good too but I like Zento better.

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            I think Haru must have the most mixed reviews of any restaurant. It's rare to see so many opposite of the spectrum reviews. I'm personally a fan of Haru. The only thing I will suggest is to request the main dining room. The tables in the room with the sushi bar are next to rather drafty windows, so when it is cold it's almost uncomfortable (until 2 or 3 glasses of wine that is! :) ).

            I'm hoping to get to Misso in the near future and will post a review after I go.

      2. Wow! I wish I had seen more of these before yesterday! Ended up going to Haru (I think I might have gone anyways because mixed reviews always make me curious!). I have to say that I wasn't impressed with Haru either - it was definitely better than Pod but fell quite short of my expectations - the unagi came to the table cold, the uni had a slight "crust" over the soft interior, and in general I was missing the melt-in-my-mouth feel that goes with really great sushi... Next time I think I'll try Zento or Uzu (Uzu was closed on Sunday unfortunately). Thanks for the suggestions!