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Feb 1, 2008 02:47 PM

20th anniversary in paris ooh-la-la

Five lovely days in Paris late May. Planning to indulge, taste, explore,and indulge some more. Probably staying in 6th or 7th.

For our 10th, we went to Jamin. For our 18th, La Grande Cascade (one of the few restos open on Sunday) . Looking for both great food and atmosphere. We are omnivores, but also conscious of the punishing exchange rate. Michelin stars are not essential. Also welcome any suggestions for other lunches and dinner. un gros merci!

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  1. As there are so many wonderful high-end restaurants in Paris, and I have only been to a few of them, I will leave it to those who are more knowledgeable to recommend the place for your anniversary dinner. But for your other meals, here are some of my favorites: L'Astrance and Carre des Feuillants have prix fixe lunch menus for 70 and 65 euros respectively, and are great bargains for restaurants with multiple Michelin stars. L'Os a Moelle has a bistro atmosphere but the food is much more creative than the typical bistro and the 5 course prix fixe is only 36 euros. Le Dome du Marais is a magnificent room and the food is quite good, with prix fixe for dinner at 39 euros. Ze Kitchen Galerie is a great bargain at 35 euros for 3 courses, lunch or dinner.

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      Another to consider is Guy Savoy...the food is excellent, many courses, lots of flavors, the deserts are amazing, and the service is over the top. Hubert and the staff are very, very friendly and helpful. It is an experience you won't forget. The 100 euro lunch is a great deal. Dinner is expensive. I had lunch there on Jan 2 with wife and daughter and everyone loved it. Even though the food is serious business, this is a fun, happy will not want to leave! There is a good review of Savoy at:

    2. from souphie's post, I'd recommend L'√Člysee Vernet. sounds like just about the best table in town these days. (and I believe Patricia Wells has a current, similar review on her site)!

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        It's definitely the best deal in town for food lovers with their 64eur lunch menu. My reviews and pics here: and also there (for pics):
        and more pics:

      2. Lots of great places and so little time, that's what I always find when in Paris.I love the little bistro's and have few reccomendations. Le Petit Pontoise, 9 Rue Le Pontoise is an excellent little bistro open 7 days a week. I love this little place, excellent escargot served in a little copper pot, great duck too. Here are some that are in the 7th Au Bon Acceuil close to the Eiffel Tower on Rue de Montessuy, also in the 7th is Le Petit Troquet on Rue Exposition, Florimonds on Avenue Le Mott Picquet, and Fontain du Mars witch is open on Sunday and is located on Rue St Dominique. I also really like Le Vieux Bistro which is right next to Norte Dame,on Rue Du Cloitre Notre Dame, they have fantastic frog legs, escargot and wonderful rack of lamb served with awesome scalloped potatoes. In the Latin Quarter the best steak and frits are at the Le Friterie on rue Galande, it is nothing more than a take away place, with a couple of chairs and tables on the sidewalk, but my GOD the steak & frits are the best in Paris in my humble opinion!!! There are so many great places on Rue Cler in the 7th where you can buy all the fixings for a picnic lunch, the weather should be lovely in May. Last time I was in Paris was last May and the weather was perfect.
        Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetite!!!

        1. I still think the most romantic restaurant in Paris is a private room at Laperouse...