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Feb 1, 2008 02:31 PM

Niagara Falls, NY area Super Bowl spot, good food

Hi!! I gotta see my commercials, so I'm going to hop back to my home country across the border, but don't know Niagara Falls, NY, or Lewiston area - well enough to know where to go.

Want somewhere the car will be safe, easy enough to find a spot (but that's not a huge deal), with great food (i'm pregnant and who knows what I'll be craving that day, but I'm dying for some decent pizza - Canada ain't got it around where I am anyway!!!!!) - and of course a great place to watch the game.

No smoke - I can't remember if bars still can have smoke in the states. not super greasy, so some choices, and really worth going to for the food and for the quality of the TV... is that possible??

Thank you!!!!!

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  1. I know how active these boards are so I'll bump! I really have no idea where else to start, except maybe tripadvisor or worse, just a random search. Don't know anyone in the area, etc. Thanks!

    1. i'm not that familiar with what's around the niagara falls or lewiston area, sorry. but, given that you're still in the general buffalo area, i imagine that sports bars are pretty easy to find.

      if you want to come farther in, there's always duffs for wings. the good news is that new york state has been smoke-free in its bars for some time now. good luck!