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Best happy hour food in Phoenix area?

We're looking for really good, but relatively cheap, happy hour specials in the Phoenix area - meaning a chance to taste the menu without shelling out for a whole dinner experience and spending a ton of time. Weeknight recommendations would be especially appreciated - whether the happy hour is early evening or a 'reverse' happy hour. We are open to any type of cuisine for this quest. :)

The ones we've found so far that we reall like are: Kona Grill (Fashion Square - great food and drink specials, including sushi), Zen 32, and we've heard great things about Donovan's.

Any other cheap eats suggestions, whether or not during a specific happy hour, would also be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Eddie V's had fantastic happy hour specials in the bar. Located in DC Ranch in N. Scottsdale.

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        7210 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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          WOW what a great looking menu! we're there!! Thanks!

        2. It's a chain, but McCormick & Schmick's has a great, cheap happy hour - and their patio is nice when the weather is good. I tried to get on their Web site to confirm their actual happy hour specials, but it was taking too long to load! Keeping in the seafood genre, I think the Salt Cellar has an amazing reverse happy hour, but I haven't been there in years, so I can't say if the quality is still the same or if it's even still going. But, I think it was a staple, so I can't imagine it went away. Roosevelt Tavern in downtown Phoenix also has some decent drink specials during happy hour.

          816 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

          Salt Cellar Restaurant
          550 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

          McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant duplicate
          2575 E Camelback Rd # 175, Phoenix, AZ

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            McCormick and Schmicks is FAB. the prices, the food, the drinks. love it all. I did roosevelt a few weeks ago and was underwhelmed. frankly, for what it is (a place with few tables, we were in the front room), i found the food to be kinda not conducive to cocktailing... the sandwiches were huge and unwieldy... soup isn't that easy to eat, many of the apps were the same (although, it should be said, they were all delicious)...

            not a big fan of zen32, either. their happy hour sushi is really kinda yucky.

            i am a big fan of the Fish market happy hour, particularly at the raw bar. sushi specials are half off, and there's a good bar list at the raw bar.

            and padre's is great too.. they've got a bar menu and a happy hour menu that are different from the regular menu... great deal of street tacos and nachos, etc.

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              totally agree about m&c's as well as fish market - i forget about the latter pretty often, although we did have a recurring hh on sundays there and enjoyed the food.

          2. Kincaid's downtown has a pretty great happy hour. 1/2 off appetizers till 6. Nothing too great but still worth hitting up, just (apparently) not on game nights.

            1. Wow, nobody has mentioned Roaring Fork? Their happy hour is so fabulous that they had to move locations to a place with a larger bar area. The fish tacos, (or perhaps a Big Ass Burger or roasted chicken) and a huckleberry margarita or two...ah, pure bliss.

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                Sapporo has a great Happy Hour! More than just sushi on their 1/2 price menu.

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                  Yep, Roaring Fork is a good one. The green chile pork stew is my weakness. Oh, and it's hard to stop eating the jerky they put out at the bar.

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                    I can't believe I forgot Roaring Fork....that's almost criminal, as they have one of the greatest happy hours. And Boingo2000....I'm on the same page as you with the green chile pork stew.

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                      I don't know about happy hour, but the "Dr. Pepper" shortribs at Roaring Fork was fabulous.

                  2. Tapino at Scottsdale and Shea (well, thereabouts) has $5 apps every night for happyhour, along with $5 wine specials. And it's a rotating menu. Very nice.

                    1. Wildfish in Old Town Scottsdale for some nice seafood apps at half price (at the bar).

                      Cafe Boa in Tempe - if you can squeeze in - for a good start or end to a Mill Ave. crawl.

                      Black Forest Mill in Arcadia - hearty German fare and beers priced very nice for HH.

                      Caffe Boa
                      398 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281

                      Black Forest Mill German Restaurant
                      4900 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

                      Wildfish Seafood Grille
                      7135 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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                        Awesome suggestions, all!! Thanks so much!!

                        One last question -- does anyone know if any of these fabulous happy hours go past 6pm or are offered on weekends? Just curious, so we can plan our attack....Furio's goes until 7 I think...

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                          Roaring Fork Happy Hour runs until 7. The prices are good as long as you get your order placed before7pm.

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                            Haven't been in awhile but if it is still like it was then get there early, like pretty much when they open, so you snag seats at the bar. It fills up fast.

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                            I didn't post times on purpose as they sometimes change and someone reading this 6 months from now might take it as fact. In the past, Wildfish, for example, has offered extended hours in the summer to entice people to beat the heat. Best to do a quick check on their websites or call.

                        2. Devil's Martini North has a great happy hour as well and the atmosphere is terrific, especially if you can get one of the sofas on their patio. 2 for 1 drinks on Thursday/Friday nights until 8pm and some good food.


                          Devil's Martini North
                          10825 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

                          1. Fleming's in Chandler - not sure about other locations - started a happy hour program this past Monday. They offer 5 drinks, 5 wines by the glass and 5 appetiizers for $6 each until 7pm. We tried the crab cakes (normally $14.95) and a very large portion of excellent calamari. Bread service is offered at no additional charge. Add a nice glass of chardonnay and a basil lemon drop (amazingly good) and we basically had dinner at Flemings for $24 with no extra charge for the ambiance.

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                              I actually tried the happy hour there last week. Wasn't impressed with the calamari. If you're going to fry it, don't gum it up by dumping a load of sugary sauce on it. The HH menu was plugging a burger - burger? at Flemings? - so I tried it. Dry, overhandled, looked stamped out and tasted frozen and overcooked. And for some reason I had to ask them to bring ketchup and mustard. Trust me, this wasn't the quality of burger you wanted to eat without adornment. I think they may have buttered the outside of the bun. And the onion rings it came with were jiffy-lubed. The Classic Martini was perfect, though.

                            2. RA sushi at Kierland commons has appetizers and drinks specials 5-7.

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                                Ra? Ugh. I can't stand that place. Long on style, almost devoid of substance. Lately if I want sushi on the cheap I hightail it down to TeHaru in Chandler for kaitenzushi, small plates of sushi served on a conveyor belt. There is better sushi to be had in town, but it's by far the biggest bang for the buck anywhere in the Phoenix metro area. 2 pieces of nigiri goes for $1, half of a roll goes for $2. They have hand rolls and a selection of things that aren't on the conveyor belt (such as amaebi and uni) at similar prices.

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                                  I don't particularly like it myself, but it does have a happy hour. I tend to go to Hiro Sushi for lunch, but that does not have a happy hour.

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                                  Have you tried Sapporo for happy hour? The prices and food are great....granted, lots of pretty people in black from head to toe, but they've gotta eat sushi, too. :) VERY good prices on lots of food and on drinks. They have a scrumptious ice-slurpy mango martini -- I don't normally like martinis, but this one rocks. Happy hour is daily from 3 -7 and they have a later, reverse one as well. Scottsdale Rd North of Thunderbird.

                                3. Christopher's / Crush Lounge has an excellent happy hour.

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                                    trader vic's was really good 1-$3 for apps sucha as ribs, duck thingies, fish tacos(hightly rec) and $6 specialty drinks. 3 or 4 -6

                                    Corona cantina just opeend at 36th street and indian in the acaicia parking lot Havent tried the food but really good menu. 4-7

                                    havent been to christos but It's on my list 3-6 half off apps and $3- 5 drinks...

                                    so many happy hrs so little time.

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                                      The standard full disclosure: I work at Vic's.

                                      The bar opens at 4. Happy hour runs from 4-6 and again from 9-11. We do the food specials 7 days a week, and the $6 specialty drinks Monday through Wednesday. The $6 drinks are a selection of 14 of the drinks on the full drink menu. Other things on the happy hour food menu include crab rangoon, rumaki, and a $2 6-ounce burger with sweet potato fries.

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                                        I am new to the whole happy hour dining and wasnt sure what reverse happy hour meant??

                                        We will be staying at the Chapparel Suites 9chapperl and scottsdale) and wanted to walk somewhere that we could enjoy cocktails and not worry about the car.. Would Roaring Fork and McCormick be within walking distance to this? They were 2008 posts so I hope they still are currently running happy hours.

                                        1. re: palmtree38

                                          Roaring Fork is definitely walking distance from your hotel. It's diagonally across the intersection of Chapparal and Scottsdale roads from where you'll be. Is McCormick referencing McCormick and Schmicks's? They do have a great happy hour, but its FAR too hot to walk there, as its probably a couple miles north of where you'll be. It wouldn't be an expensive cab ride, though.

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                                            few miles hmmm maybe for my routine morning walk but not after wobbly pops..
                                            Roaring Fork it is.! Do they allow children in the happy hour times? Or is this where we should go without the kids?

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                                            Reverse happy hour is happy hour that happens after the dinner rush, as opposed to the regular happy hour that happens before the dinner rush. Both are ways to get people in the restaurant at off-peak times, much like how you likely got a terrific rate on your room at the hotel. Usually the restaurant offers the same specials at regular and reverse happy hours, but I've seen them do different things too.

                                            McCormick & Schmick's is 4 miles north of the Chaparral Suites. Not normally something I'd want to walk, and definitely not something I'd want to walk in the middle of July.

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                                              Thanks Jk Grence for the reverse happy hour info! WE are going in October and apparently this time of year the rates of hotels fees go up in price. Roaring Fork has a interesting menu. If they dont allow children at the happy hour we can put the kids to bed and have my father watch them and hit the reverse happy hour if they offer it.

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                                                I've taken my daughter with us when we've had dinner at the happy hour, and nobody chased us away or said anything. We were seated at a table in the bar area, not at the bar itself.

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                                                  Is your daughter younger as well? So as long as your in the bar area you are able to enjoy the happy hour offers? This is not offered in their dining area correct? Good to know they have tables in the bar area not just bar stools.. What items did you enjoy on the HH menu?

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                                                    My daughter was probably 4 the last time we went. They have quite a few tables and booths in the bar area--in fact, they moved to their current location because of the extreme popularity of the happy hour, and needed more bar space. The deals are only in the bar area, but there's more table seating than seating at the bar itself.

                                                    I'm a sucker for the fish tacos and order them every time we go. The Big Ass Burger is delicious, and is so big it can easily be split by two adults. The roast chicken is great, as is the pork stew. I don't think you can go wrong!

                                                2. re: palmtree38

                                                  If you're looking to go out another night during your stay, and are willing to hoof it a bit further than Roaring Fork (still walking distiance, I'd say, but could be tough if you're here during the peak heat months), you might think about Kazimierz. Huge, fun winelist (several binders in length, if including bottle and btg selection), lots of atmosphere, delicious food (their cheese plates are a great value, if not looking to spend much), and a few pretty good deals on wine throughout the summer (see link for what's going on this month):


                                                  1. re: crsin

                                                    Great thanks! We will be coming in October.

                                                    We are looking to get out without the kiddies one night for some fun atmospheres and food nibblies

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                                              Cafe Zuzu in the Valley Ho has an even better happy hour, IMO. It goes till 7, $3 tasty apps, and $3 really creative cocktails.

                                              Cafe Zuzu
                                              6850 E. Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

                                        2. Not at all close to where you will be staying but in the interest of a comprehensive best Phoenix happy hour list: Va Bene in Ahwatukee (on Chandler Blvd. about 1/2 mile west of I-10) has never impressed me as a place to dine primarily because I thought it was over priced. However, they have a very good happy hour going. All but one of their apps are 1/2 off and there are special prices on drinks. For example, domestic beer is $2.50 and marini's are $3.50. We had killer shrimp wrapped in basil and bacon and baked, calamari, two martini's and a complimentary basked of good bread all for $18. 5-7pm and the place really started to fill up by 5:30.

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                                            I will have to google all these suggestions closer to the date as many are posting summer specials. We are going in October.

                                          2. The wings at Rockwell's. In 1995. When they were free in the buffet on Friday nights, and a dime otherwise.

                                            Sorry. That won't help. Rockwell's is gone, wings are $7 a dozen, and the time machine's busted.

                                            Z'Tejas has excellent happy hour selections. Tostada bites (addictive), pork chile verde, southwest/asian dumplings, seared ahi; all half-off during HO. And the best margaritas, which iirc are a dollar or two off themselves. HO is all night mondays, 330-6 weeknights, 3-5 weekends (just checked the website). Brunch on the weekends is solid, too, especially if you think "$3 bloody mary bar" with any vodka you choose is a good idea.

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                                              $3 bloody mary bar sounds interesting.. Ztejas does it have a patio? Going to see its location. I do so remember those 10 cent wing nights maybe thats showing my age :O)

                                              1. re: palmtree38

                                                The ZTejas location in Scottsdale Fashion Square has a "patio" in the parking garage. I guess it offers better people watching than inside the restaurant, but, I try to limit my exposure to parking garages. IIRC, the Tempe location has a better patio, and I haven't been to the other locations. For a chain, I like ZTejas, especially their trout and salmon dishes.

                                                1. re: johnseberg

                                                  Last time I went (couple of years ago), the Tempe Z'Tejas had a patio facing south onto 6th St. Not really much of a view, but definitely better than the patio at Fashion Square, which as you point out, is essentially a car exhaust-filled cave.

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                                                    We will be staying not far from Fashion Square. (chapparel rd and scottsdale rd) Going to put the kids to bed and go out on the town for a night with hubby. Want to be able to walk to close happening action places . patio in the basement doesnt sound too appealing..

                                                    Does chowhound have a drink site too where you can find out about happening bars with drink delio's or is that all summed up on happyhour cheer for solid food/grub?

                                                    1. re: palmtree38

                                                      Z-tejas menu looks really good! large selection and very reasonable.. 3-6:30pm for happy hour.. I would thought happy hours are for prior to dinner or after. Arizona residents go out later ?

                                                      1. re: palmtree38

                                                        When it's 110 degrees out, can you blame us?

                                                        I've seen happy hours usually end at 6:00, 6:30, or 7:00. Any earlier than 6 and people can't get there after work, and the dinner rush starts for most places around 7.

                                                      2. re: palmtree38

                                                        I am eminently unqualified to address these questions.

                                                        1. re: hohokam

                                                          Nope cant blame you one bit.. 5:30-6:30pm is our dinner rush where we live and feel really cramped for time from work to rush to get to a restaurant and get a table.

                                                2. re: blair_houghton

                                                  Those shrimp and pork dumplings are delicious! Their salads are also very flavorful and tasty.

                                                  They may be a chain, but I do love their margaritas. Peach for me, please. Beware, though--they are VERY strong!

                                                  1. re: modthyrth

                                                    yummm.. Well its not a chain for us Cannucks :O)
                                                    We are going to do the bloody mary bar as well on the weekend.. sounds fun!