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Feb 1, 2008 01:58 PM

Valentine's Day Deliverables

While I was able to arrange to come into town to see my sweetie after the 14th id still like to send her something either the day of or at any point during the week before my arrival to tide her over until i get there, so to speak.

What can i get delivered, probably to her office along grand ave in st paul, without breaking the bank (poor grad student budget) that would be nicer/more chow-worthy than flowers? Obviously flowers would work as a backup plan, but is there anyone in the cities who makes and delivers something truly exceptional or particularly romantic? Can anyone offer any helpful ideas?

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  1. I don't know how romantic this is, but Tank Goodness delivers warm, homemade cookies with a lot of nice personal touches. Here's a post that describes my experience with them


    1. You might be able to get a legal courier that delivers legal documents (like Metro Legal or one of its St. Paul counterparts) to make a delivery for you. In that case, the sky's the limit. You could have them pick up something for you from anywhere and deliver it.

      Legal couriers typically charge more for a faster delivery; you can usually get rates for a one-hour, two-hour or three-hour delivery. Some places are cheaper than others.

      Not sure whether they would view this as too unorthodox or love the business. You would have to check.

      Shortly before Christmas one year, my back went out and I couldn't lift anything so I had a legal delivery service deliver everything to my parents' house: boxes of gifts and food, clothes for staying over, everything. And they were happy to do it. So it's worth checking.

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        A legal courier is a great tip! Tex.s.toast, if you go with a courier, you could have them deliver some of our local chocolate - such as B.T. McElrath, Legacy Chocolates, or Rogue Chocolatier (bars only - two varieties - but if your sweetie is a dark chocolate fan, I highly recommend them).

        Or you could contact the great people at Golden Fig and ask for a gift basket (or small selection) of treats. In fact, Golden Fig is just down the street on Grand, so you might be able to sweet-talk them into making a delivery.


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          Great idea, karykat. But be warned Tex, they're pricey. Call them early so that you can decide whether to commit. Also, if you can deal with the longer lead, they're much cheaper.