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Feb 1, 2008 01:47 PM

Fry Oil Disposal in an Apartment

A random question came up at dinner the other night how to dispose of leftover fry oil after deep frying. Most of the the websites I have found suggest either a mason jar or some sort of disposable container large enough to hold the oil. Nobody I know keeps mason jars in their kitchen, and the few containers I have large enough to hold the amount of oil it takes to deep fry are not disposable (in any event, my building uses a garbage shoot, so the container would just explode after a 50-foot drop).
The two times I've deep fried in my kitchen I've (1) used the drain -- yes I know I'm not supposed to, but I couldn't figure anything else out -- and (2) kept the oil in the original container (which was empty).

My question is, what is the best way to easily dispose of fry oil using commonly found items in the the modern kitchen. If I fried more often, I would be more comfortable buying containers just for it, but it's a rare thing for me.

Hate to rant, but just curious.

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  1. One of the best things you could use would be a coffee can with the lid intact-- obviously it's preferable to use a metal one! Do they still make those? If you don't get containers like this you could always purchase disposable gladware-style containers to use-- if you let the oil cool first. :)

    1. I think I would just save an old container and pour the used oil in when cool - when it is filled up - just toss it.

      1. If I know I'm going to be frying, and I usually do, I'll hold on to one or two half-gallon milk jugs specifically for that purpose. But once in the jugs, down the chute it goes.

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          But milk jugs cost money once brought into a bottle least in Canada... that's about 25 cents worth :(

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            so it costs 25 cents over clogging the pipes? Bargain.

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              No deposit yet on milk jugs in my neck of the woods.

          2. Do you guys have composting garbage bins there? Here in the city of San Francisco, we can put household grease in milk cartons (the paper ones, not plastic ones) and then freeze it and put it in our green trash bins, all of which is compostable material. I never throw it down the drain knowing how horrible it is for our aging sewer system here in this city. They also have started grease recycling here. Probably this is one of the few places that is doing it, but hopefully someday it will be commonplace. Here is the information:

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              Cool, didn't know we could compost the oil. We did some frying last week and didn't really know how to dispose of the oil either. Thanks for the tip!

              Dave MP

            2. i keep used yoghurt containers for oil. but as mentioned in some of the other posts difficult to throw down a chute. but they are convenient. infact i usually reuse the oil after straining it with some kitchen paper through a sieve. unless frying fish, chicken or meat when i would dispose of it.