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Feb 1, 2008 01:45 PM

where to find king cake???

does anyone know where to find king cake??

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  1. I tried a couple years ago and no one here knew what I was talking about. You could always order from Gambinos online (

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    1. re: nashville2ny

      Or Randazzos.
      I would love to find one up in the NY area, and clients did not send any up to us this year.

      1. re: nashville2ny

        they've had it at the LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN chain.

      2. My guess is that outside of Louisiana, it's going to be really hard to find one after January 6. Before then, however, a lot of bakeries in Manhattan carry them.

        1. A friend actually asked me this today, and I found this for him:

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            Just looked at the pics of a galette des-rois, and it is not the same as a king cake, the theory may be the same, but that looks like no king cake I ever had growing up.

          2. I found this upon googling...


            It appears that you have to call ahead and order it. She only makes them to order

            1. I know the le pain quotidien around the corner from me usually carries them....