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Oct 8, 2001 02:48 PM


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I can't believe that after living down the block from the Palms Blvd. location, I am finally going for dinner this week.

Can any recommend a specific dish that is a "must-taste"?

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  1. v
    Vanessa On The Town

    Found this link below from the L.A. Times. It's mostly about the breakfast items, but apparently the soup that's mentioned is super popular there too. I think any of the dishes that have mole are going to be a safe bet.


    1. My favorite is mole enchiladas with cecina (seasoned, pork). This is the thick, black mole with oaxacan cheese. Red mole dishes are also good. If you don't feel like mole, try a clayuda - large pizza-like dish with beans, cabbage and meat. Also, there are some great atoles (hot corn beverage) as well as horchata and hot chocolate. (I've never been to the Palms location but I'm assuming they have the same menu as the other two).

      1. The "clayudas" are a must try there.

        1. Don't forget a small scoop of chapulines on your way out .

          1. while you're at it, you might try Texate, also in santa monica, on fourth street right by vidiots. i think it's every bit as good as guelaguetza