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Feb 1, 2008 01:25 PM

MSP- Ethnic food that tastes great to-go?

We live in South Minneapolis, and my husband doesn't like "to-go" food, other than Chinese food. He says by the time you get it home, it's not hot, it's soggy, and generally yucky. Any recs from the hounds on food that when ordered to go, arrives home still tasty? I put ethnic food in the title because we're always looking for stuff we wouldn't cook at home.


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  1. Check out these two threads:
    Delivery in South Minneapolis -
    Takeout in MSP -

    I think Thai travels well. If you are near Uptown or willing to travel, I'd suggest Amazing Thailand or Tum Rup Thai.

    Some Indian food seems to travel pretty well as well, but I've had hit or miss with take out from places in South Minneapolis.

    Tum Rup Thai
    1221 W Lake St Ste 112, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Amazing Thailand
    3024 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    1. Last night we got Gyro's from Its Greek to Me... meat is enough for 2 people so ask for multiple pitas. Get some sides and you are good to go. I can't imagine hummus, tabouli, etc going "bad"

      1. Quang
        Thanh Do
        Crystal Bistro

        1. If you don't mind a run to St. Paul, Everest on Grand has great curries that should travel well.

          1. If you live in South Minneapolis one place that I often get "to-go" food for dinner is Victor's Cafe on 38th & Grand. It's Cuban food and most of it travels really well. They don't deliver but you can take out anything on their dinner menu. You can check - prices aren't listed on the website but it's not very expensive at all and the food is delicious.