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Feb 1, 2008 12:39 PM

Central Vermont Dining

We're going to Woodstock in mid-March, staying at the Woodstocker B&B. We're looking for a really good, fine dining experience. Just two couples; no kids. We've looked at the Jackson House, but hear they've got a brand new chef on the way, so it's an unknown. We've also considered the small, Italian place (Osteria Pane e Salute) in town. Then someone most highly recommended Hemingway's up in Killington. We'd prefer to dine in the town where we're lodged, but don't mind driving a bit if it's as good at Hemingway's as people say. I don't mind pricey, which I understand Hemingway's is, but of course want it to be worth the money: inventive and tasty, but not such slavishly small portions that you feel ripped off. What do you all say about these three places?

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  1. The two best meals I've had in Woodstock were Pane e Salute and Prince and the Pauper, in the that order. Pane e Salute was incredible.

    I haven't been to Hemingways, however.

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      I've been to Hemingway's several times. At their price point, I expect food art and they aren't at that level. Their portion sizes are also extremely small for a restaurant at a ski resort.

    2. Skip the Jackson House.
      Punch in "Jackson House" in the "search" to read what I have said about the place.
      Good service ,poor quality of food and small portions and a lousy owner.
      Hemingways is really good but.like others have said,real pricy for what you get.
      Portions are small(we ate there last summer) but the service is 1st class and the food is good.
      Like kazeta said the Prince and the Pauper is really good;we ate there last Fall and it's right in downtown.
      We thought that this was the best food in the downtown area.
      We didn't try Pane e Salute.
      Also hit Bentley(also downtown) while you are there.
      They usually have live music on weekends.
      The food is comparable to an Appleby's but the place is fun for cocktails.
      We stayed at the Shire Motel for $90/night;most places are real pricy in town.
      Have fun!

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        Pane y Salute is my favorite in Woodstock. It is inspired, authentic Italian foodWe recently had a great meal at The Lauren. It's owned by the former owners of the Kedron Valley Inn, but the food is much better. I am not a huge fan of Prince and the Pauper. To me it is as if heir reputation rests on "the only show in town," premise. It might be worth driving to Quechee for the Parker House Inn or the Quechee Inn, both very good places for kidless dinners.

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          Thanks for all your replies; I think we'll stick with Heminway's and I'll report back after we've been.

      2. Pane e Salute for sure - stick to the apps and pizzas - just awesome and a great wine list too!. Also go south to Inn at Weathersfield - local food - lots of good press - dont miss it.

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          I second the Parker House a great atmosphere and food. Simon pearce is great for lunch,too. Pane y Saulte is also great but I have found the Prince and the Pauper very lacking with uninspired food.

        2. The Queechee Inn was really a great experience for me , it was a great atmosphere and the food was surprisingly delicious. I reccommend making the trip .

          1. Next time you are in town you should eat at The Lauren... it is some of the best dinning in the area..