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good Chinese take-out on the Upper East Side? [Moved from What's My Craving? board]

Can anyone tell me of a good Chinese take out place on the Upper East side? It seems like all the ones in my neighborhood have gone completely tasteless.

One that will deliver up to 95th street and 2nd Ave is essential.

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    1. Noodles 28 is your best bet - we've been going here 2-3 times per week for over 10 years and haven't had a bad meal yet. Food is consistently fresh and food never has the over-oiled taste that plagues chinese food around the city.


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        i second noodles 28. the food literally comes within 15 mins. maybe even faster. 10?

      2. We've been quite happy lately with Pig Heaven - great suckling pig dish and I like the shredded pork Peking style, as well as some of the steamed dumplings - we're at Madison & 92nd, so I imagine they'd deliver to your intersection. We also like the Peking Duck at Chef Ho's, but not the dumplings/scallion pancakes etc. - the dough is just too thick and heavy. I've eaten in at Shanghai Pavillion and thought it was decent, but haven't tried delivery.

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          Szechuan Kitchen -- generous portions, fresh vegetables...take out only

          1518 1st Ave, Btwn 79th & 80th St
          Phone: 212-249-4615


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              I like Noodle 28, love Lili's Noodle House. Skip Pig Heaven, in my opinion - tasteless.

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                We'll have to try those too - we've liked what we ordered, mostly, from Pig Heaven, but always open to new options. Friends of mine really liked Lili's.

        2. Second Shanghai Pavilion..... also Cafe Evergreen on 1st and 69th... good dim sum... we order frequently and are rarely disappointed.. no gloppy sauces, etc.

          1. I went to Chef Ho's yesterday for a Chinese New Year dinner. I know people always say when there's no chinese people in a restaurant it's a bad sign. We were the only asians in there, but I have to say, it's one of the best uptown chinese locations i've ever had

            1. Sorry, but there is no consistently good Chinese delivery on the UES, especially none that will deliver to 95th & 2nd. I've been looking in vain for going on a year. (Although I can't comment on Evergreen Cafe as I haven't tried them.) If you're really in the mood for good Chinese, hop on the subway or grab a taxi and head downtown (or even across the park).
              Now, if you are willing to accept edible, but not really that good, you'll do ok with the various places suggested.

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                Not true. Wu Liang Ye on 86th has delivered to me at 96th and 3rd. Very highly regarded Sichuan cuisine.

              2. PIG HEAVEN!!! They have the best ribs-Nancy Lee is proprietor and a doll to deal with esp. if u go there to dine! I just love the Nancy's noodles -spicy-not on menu but try it!

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                  Just had the sliced chicken and broccoli w. garlic sauce from Szechuan Kitchen-it really hit the spot. I'll try their Sesame Chicken next.

                2. I made the mistake of ordering from Tang Tang yesterday.
                  The only good item was the spring rolls (very good, actually, which is a rarity in most places these days).

                  The steamed mixed dumplings were the worst I have had in a very long time. The pork dumplings tasted like Spam. The vegetable dumplings (containing minced ? rice vermicelli, carrots, tofu) seemed to have no seasoning whatsoever. I had to spit them out. All of the dumplings' wrappers, especially those of the seafood dumplings, were slimy and gooey to the point of agglomerating into a solid mass in the delivery container. Even the sauce provided with the dumplings didn't help -- a very salty but otherwise bland soy sauce.

                  We had two other dishes -- pork with tofu and shrimp with black bean sauce. They looked good, but the sauces were awful. Very salty but otherwise lacking. (There were garlic and onion slices in the shrimp dish, but no garlic or onion flavors were perceptible.)

                  Service (taking the order and rapid delivery) was very good. But if this was a typical example of the quality of their food, avoid Tang Tang at all costs.

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                    I have to confess to ordering from them on occasion. Sometimes the scallion pancakes are really good, but sometimes they are soggy. I also order the Kung Pao Chicken, which is very greasy but, well, I kind of like it. I did notice that they had added on a $3.00 delivery charge to my area (92nd & Madison). Those are the only two things I ever order! For me, it's the epitome of "cheap chinese".

                    I do wish I could find good dumplings for delivery in the area - the Chef Ho ones are terrible, because the skin is so thick.