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Feb 1, 2008 12:03 PM

Rod's Sea Girt- should have known

Last night we went out to Rods. Had been wanting to go there for some time as fellow hounds stated that it was a nice place and had great bergers. Well-- from the time we sat down it was all downhill. The waitress was not in the least friendly. Actually, she acted as if we were bothering her by sitting in one of her booths. I had an order of oysters. Two of them were smelly. I had to ask for two to replace the rotten ones. I ordered a rare cheeseberger. It did come out as ordered, but basically had no taste. My grandson had flounder francaise, again with not much flavor. Grand daughter's pasta off the kids menu had promise. My DH ordered blackened grouper (not on the menu but grouper was a special). That was probably the best of what was ordered. The place is basically not friendly, the staff cold, rushed us to order, and the food just so so. No warm and fuzzy at this resto!!. I do not remember this resto being like that many years ago when I was last there. The good thing as someone on the board previously stated, we were there in winter and did not see any dead flies on the window sills!!!.

Should have stuck with my usual choice "Fratello's Resto " right around the corner. A gal that works there on Tuesday and Thursday nights named Michelle is really super. She actually asks " how" you would like to be served, "do you want to linger over a drink and I will be back a little later, or do want to order in a few , or ready now? No pressure and no waitress constantly coming to the table when you are still pondering over the "open" menu. This Italian resto is really good and staff are top notch.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience at Rod's. We haven't been there for many years, probably at least 5, but used to go now and then when we were down in the south end of Monmouth County. We always got a decent meal (for what it is) and the wait staff was pleasant as I remember. Liked the booths and the overall ambience of the place.

    1. Bummer.

      We were just there Wednesday evening and thought the food was very good. Had a burger and the twin petite/english muffin/cheese sandwich thing. Both were above average and the fries were great. We ate at the bar so the overall experience was probably a lot different than eating in the dinning room. If anything the bartender/server was too nice.

      We go to Fratello's a lot as well. Food had always been good but the last time we went ( 2 weeks ago) they really overcooked my fiancee's burger. They had a stuffed shrimp with lobster sauce app. special that night which was fantastic.

      Since we're talking about pub-food in the area, we had one of the absolute WORST dining experiences ever at the Four Winds (Wall Twp.) a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to post about it but I've been trying to put it out of my mind. Terrible service and bad/dirty food. Even with a nice sized gift certificate we felt really ripped off.

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      1. re: white light

        New owners at the winds took over months ago. I figured the place would not stay the same. He also took his dining coupon out of the entertainment 2008 book!! Sorry to hear about the bad meal. I have been going there for years and 98% of the time all was good.

        1. re: Barbarella

          Barb, thanks for the heads up, I was not aware of the change in ownership, oh well, another one bites the dust!

        2. re: white light

          I haven't been to the"" WINDS'' in a while ..When I was a regular there the food was alway OK ..certain things were better then others ..Has it chanded hands because I know Tommy (owner) would not let that happen.. please explain ..Thanks

        3. Twenty years ago Rods was great - times change. Today it is an also ran, a place where a bunch of old Irish sots sit around the bar and pontificate and watch sports
          on the TV ad nauseam. If this is you cup of tea, so be it. However, dont go there expecting the food, service or atmosphere to be anything bettter than mediocre.

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          1. re: bjsimmons

            What bjsimmons said, with special emphasis on the old Irish sots! I was there a few years ago and I and my companions were the only patrons who weren't part of the geriatric shot-and-beer-fest.

          2. I remember Rod's as being sort of a club.. if you are local and a regular ,you were treated like gold ,if not ,you became part of the problem ..The food has Alway been hit or miss... .Rod's has a very , very large drinking crowd that only ate to survive the trip home..Your experience really is par for the course and does not suprise me ..

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            1. re: big1515

              Well I had been wanting to try the place for some time... we did and will NOT go back. That "club"thing sounds like what we were not part of--

              1. re: Barbarella

                Its a good place to sit at the bar and have a burger and some apps. I wouldn't order oysters at any place in central NJ to tell you the truth and realistically think they might be fresh. Lets face it restaurants around here suck and good food for reasonable prices is even harder to come by. Rods is what it is.

            2. I went to this awful place for the first time (3/08 - lunch). The posting for the most part mirrored my experience. The summary: bad attitudes, even worse food and the place is dirty. The curtains (the booth separators) were disgustingly filthy. We had a drink at the bar before lunch and the bartender was a complete ass, also with a bad attitude. Anyway, I will never go back to this "Old Irish Tavern" again.

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              1. re: nycbigman

                I wonder how they stay in business?? Used to be a really nice fun place.