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Feb 1, 2008 11:50 AM

Has Anyone Tried This Place CURRY in HURRY Indian Take-Out

I was driving west on Parmer Lane, just past Lamplight Village, and noticed this place Curry in Hurry. Looks like they have a fixed menu, that changes daily. Price looks fair.

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  1. I typed in "Curry in a Hurry" into the "Search This Board" feature and got 11 results. I think most reviews are pretty positive.

    1. I ate there yesterday for lunch and it still good. Friday-Sunday they have an additional menu with the street food snacks.

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        Do they have street food for Friday lunch? I've only been weekday lunces. I had a dark Gujarati work friend take me there and he ordered for all of us - all vegetarian (we joked about finishing our meal at PokEJoes). I couldn't understand a damn thing that he was saying. I think the people that run it are his relatives and they were talking Gujarati. Anyhow, we had several servings of thali split between people. We all enjoyed it, but I can't remember anything specific except for some spicy chickpea dish. There's lots of styrofoam, though.