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Feb 1, 2008 11:44 AM

Vegetarian Experiment For a Month

So the wifey and I are going to go Vegetarian for a Month. Not for any reason other than its on our life list of things to do. And it would be nice to discover a whole new side to D.C.'s good eats.

Where must we go to get good Vegetarian food? Right now I love things like the chick peas at Kabob Palace, grilled vegetables at a small Korean joint by work and falafels in Adams Morgan.

What would you guys recommend? We have no experience or friends who eat vegetarian. We are open to travel and if you like a particular food at the local grocery store let us know.

thanks and for your trouble here are some bunnies in costumes:


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  1. Indian restaurants are always a good source for vegetarian food - I like Rasika for upscale, and Indique for a neighborhood place. There are a few places in DC that serve only vegetarian food - I think the place in Georgetown is called Amma. Most Asian places also have good vegetarian options - think lots of eggplant dishes at Thai places, for example. Tofu at Asian places is always an option.

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      The peshawari chole at Indique Heights packs some satisfying protein, but the aloo tikki (potato croquettes) makes the experience, and the Ceylon paratha is like some kind of perverse hot croissant...yum. I've been veg for over 15 years, but I've never run into a restaurant that hasn't already featured a dish or two to accommodate me. The only exception: a chicken Caesar in Congress that "couldn't" be made without chicken. Once again, I've been taxed but not represented!

    2. There are lots of italian dishes without meat? At least their first courses and second courses. Also Ethiopian food in DC is veggie heavy as is lebanese food so perhaps Dukem, Queen Merkado, or one of the other good ethiopian places, I think lebanese taverna has a whole veggie platter for two too. I can't think of any all veggie restaurant names, but I know they are there, oh shoot! I will try to think of them and reply back later. One I recall is a flower name and I just can't think of it.

      1. You can find everything you need to know here:

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          I think it's a pretty good website to start with too. Just wanted to add that if you do drive, I really love Yuan Fu Chinese restaurant on the Pike. They are next to the Jiffy Lube, near the Citibank. ALL mock meats there. I really like the lotus wrapped sticky rice appetizer. :)

          I enjoy going to Sunflower, although some of their stuff can be too vinegary. Just has an acidic taste to it. But, they make a *really* good turnip/radish cake on the appetizer options.

          Sticky Fingers by Columbia Hgts Metro station makes really good sandwiches, and really good desserts.

          If you go to either Sticky Fingers or Java Green, it's best to metro it (Farragut West or North is close by JG) -- it's really hard to find parking. I really like the coffee and wraps at Java Green, but I found their JobChae (I think that's their spelling) to be a bit sweet for me...

        2. second those previous mentions. Great veg indian in Langley park if you have a car--both Udupi Palace and Woodlands. Both on university.

          Thai, Indian, Malaysian and Burmese always have a wealth of vegetarian choices on their menus.

          Jaleo and Zaytinya both have tons of great veg dishes.

          1. Java Green is a vegetarian restaurant that you'll need to try--you can even try fake meat!

            Rice on 14th St has some interesting veggie dishes

            Japanese restaurants have a lot of veggie choices that you can make a meal out of

            Mexican restaurants actually have a lot of veggie options BUT make sure they aren't cooking their beans or dishes in lard (A couple of Chipolte's beans are not vegetarian).