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Feb 1, 2008 11:34 AM


going there this weekend----looking for advice re:any dishes not to miss. thx

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  1. The best "not to miss dish" is their muddled-berry mojito. Best in town.

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      wow- that was fast. thanks! That is right up my alley!

    2. As far as the food goes, the rib appy is good, but a tad sweet.

      I have tried most of their menu and have yet to have anything bad, and
      I am especially fond of their salads and soups. For mains, the fish is
      usually very fresh and tasty as is the steak dishes.

      1. I was just there last weekend and I like the whole fish curry (i think there's only one one the menu) and really liked the spicy beef salad - a staple of thai restaurants but done well here. The other two dishes were decent but not memorable (i literally can't remember what they were). I don't think you'll be disappointed with anything, if you like the description you'll probably like it. the only thing I had to complain about concerning the food was the curries didn't come with enough sauce. I think this has to do with the fact that it's more upscale so its trying to be a little more understated, but more upscale thai places i've been to before (not in NY, in asia) usually had more curry, it was just of a better quality than a run of the mill place.

        the cocktails all looked good too, but i didn't have one.