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Oct 7, 2001 10:55 PM

Are hounds?

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Getting together for Dine Out for America this Thursday?

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  1. I believe Caroyln was setting up something informal at the formal La Cachette.

    See the link below.

    I wish I could go but I have a prior committment.


    1. Kinda. My friends and I are supposed to get together for Thursday. The choices are between 230ForestAvenue, Oysters, and Matsuhisa (Windows of Hope). I'm still waiting for a couple to get back to me. It might be too late for reservations at this rate.

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        Last night my friends and I drove to Oysters Restaurant in Corona del Mar. We enjoyed grilled artichoke halves (unexpectedly spicy on its own) with an indifferent sambal aioli + Hawaiian rare ahi spring rolls (excellent texture! My boyfriend enjoyed the dipping sauce so much he saved it for the main course). My crispy Singapore noodles were different than the dish I usually get at a Chinese restaurant because of its spicy peanut sauce. A friend who ordered the ahi and potato/truffle dish speedily finished it (but we couldn't recognize the sauce).

        The salmon had a nice presentation but my other friend just said it was good -- no elaboration. Rack of [medium rare] lamb was savory and tender. Hot tea was also available: the Darjeeling (wonderful aroma) was preferrable over the subtle citrus green tea. We all shared a Fuji apple tartlet+ginger gelato or ice cream and the creme brulee with raspberries (yummy caramelized surface and fruit). The trio of sorbets was also intriguing -- on that day it was guava, lychee, and pineapple. The apple-noted Riesling was also enjoyable. It was my first experience with white wine, so I don't quite remember which one it was.

        As for fundraising, it was mentioned to another table that 10% of the day's proceeds would go to families of the WTC victims. All in all it was a very good restaurant, but I'd recommend a seat at the garden side instead of the front. Note that around 8 o'clock the tables are filled (couldn't hear the jazz music anymore). Reservations seem necessary. About $150 for our group of four.

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        Carolyn Tillie

        Yes, at this point, despite having made reservations for six at La Cachette (for the Windows of Hope fundraiser), I have one confirmed (thanks you, Liver Boy!) and one potential (Richard Foss, are you reading????).

        Which means there is still a potential for three additions!

        I won't be changing my table size until Thursday morning, in case anyone changes their mind about wanting to join us. Since the chef/owner, Jean Francois Meteigner, has been doing a great deal of promotion on local radio stations, I imagine that Thursday's menu will be something special....


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          Sorry I missed your post but at least this gave you another chance at a shameless promotion. Right? :)

          1. re: Schudog
            Carolyn Tillie

            Yeah, for what good it is doing me...nada!

            So far, it is only two of us! But what a time we'll have....