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Outback vs. Texas Roadhouse

Yay. My first post on the Chains board...(perhaps because Outback is the only chain I go to occasionally). I have a major hankering for steak tonight, and I've always been pretty satisfied with the Outback steaks -- I usually get the Victoria filet -- and up until recently, it was the only 'steakhouse' in town.

A while ago, the Texas Roadhouse opened here, and I was wondering if any of you more seasoned chain veterans have any input. TR seems to be much more expensive... is that a reflection on the quality of steaks?

Muchas gracias, as always.

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  1. IMHO, Outback is both better flavored and more consistent with the quality of their dishes. I've never been a big fan of Texas Roadhouse steaks - whenever I go there, I generally get something other than steak. TR does have a wider variety of things available, I think (chicken, salads, sandwiches etc.).

    1. IMHO Texas is a much better restaurant. Trust me, I tried really hard to be an Outback fan, they're very convenient to me and friends like them, but the last two times I was there my steak was so salty, I could barely eat it. I met a server from there and she recommended that I specifically ask for NO seasonings, which I did the second time. It didn't work...still too much salt. I found Texas and love the atmosphere and have never had a problem with anything ordered.

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        Well. I ended up at OB, and once again wasn't disappointed. Maybe I have a high tolerance for salt '-). The filet was cooked perfectly -- medium rare, just like buttah. Yumboski. And their baked potato is pretty good, too. Salty, though. I know what you mean.

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          I've not eaten at TR yet, but I'll go out of my way to avoid OB. The problem is just as you have stated, othervoice. But, steering (no pun intended) clear of the steak at OB is a guarantee of nothing. My experience on numerous visits there is that EVERYTHING is oversalted. This is not a dietary issue for me. It's simply a matter of taste.

        2. The Texas Roadhouse here is less expensive and has higher quality steaks than the Outback here. I don't think I've ever had the filet at either place though.

          1. Texas Roadhouse has better steaks and MUCH better side dishes than Outback. The rolls are near perfection and free peanuts! One tip is to get the baked sweet potato as one of the sides so you have a free dessert with the cinnamon and marshmallows. TR beats Outback hands down, especially for the steak.

            1. Texas Roadhouse is MUCH less expensive on everything than Outback.....

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                Well, according to their online menu, that certainly is not true for their location here. Which is why I chose OB... again. mmmmhmmm, filet.

              2. I've been to Outback a number of times and while not excellent, it has always filled the need and provided decent meat. My one (and last) visit to Texas Roadhouse was totally unsatisfactory. There was a meat case to view the various cuts of steak offered and the range was bad to worse so I settled for more plebian fare. Before dinner I asked for a brand of beer which they supplied w/o a glass (I guess their idea of rusticity). Not a good place for a meal under any circumstances IMHO.

                1. My brothers and dad are very "meat and potatos", which means I grew up eating at Outback. I learned to like it, and am now starting to appreciate the consistency of that place. For a chain, they have a nice steak, really good broccoli, fries, etc.

                  While in college Roadhouse was always popular, but I think the quality of food is subpar. Everything was always just "ok" - although they have great bread!

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                    I don't know where everyone lives, but the Texas RoadHouse here in Live Oak Tx has always been consistant to me.I think it's cheaper than OutBack and is very popular.It is even open for lunch I think on the weekends.I have been happy with the food at the one by me.
                    It's also near the Regal Cinema so it makes it easy for me to go to dinner and a movie.
                    I do like Mum's Chopped Steak at Outback, it was very good.
                    Our Outback is usually crowded, so I just go to TRhouse.

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                      I agree, I love TR and I am from Texas as well. I do like my meat to have flavor from the grilling, whether over charcoal or flame grilled over wood. Some people don't. I have never had a bad steak from there, and it is much cheper than OB.

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                        I'm from Connecticut and I agree...........
                        Texas Roadhouse is MUCH better than OB and costs less. The service is much faster as well.

                        I do not like the salty seasoning that OB puts on all their meat. Even when ordered without the seasoning, it picks up a lot from the grill. The grill workers don't bother to scrape the grill before putting on an order of non-seasoned meat.

                        Roadhouse has better bread and its meat is fresh not frozen. I kike my steaks extremely rare, and can tell when the beef had been frozen (which has happened at Outback.

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                          The prices at TR in our town in PA are much higher than at OB.

                  2. Much prefer Outback. More variety, some healthier choices, and far less annoying theme crap. Also, the meat is exponentially better.

                    1. I wouldn't be rushing to either but, for families, I 'd opt for TRH, more options for the kiddo's, free peanuts and easier on the wallet. I don't think one place has a better piece of beef than the other.

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                        Agreed. Although lately our TR (abilene, tx) has jumped the shark with cutesy server-dancing.

                        At any rate, the dollar difference between similar items(12oz ribeye, my go-to) is about $3 to TR's favor. As I hate the salty rub on OB's steaks, I really hate that TR is now following suit - the last two times we've given them "one last shot" they were almost inedible.

                        It was kind of sad, because I'd always been a TR apologist until then.

                      2. Just to confuse the issue...I'd rather go to Longhorn Steakhouse than either OB or Texas.

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