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Feb 1, 2008 11:01 AM

Milwaukee (Brookfield) microbreweries

Heading to Milwaukee this weekend. Looking for suggestions. We love microbreweries. Otherwise, we'd be casual; we have semi picky 15 year old boys with us.



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  1. None of these are in Brookfield, but we have enjoyed The Water Street Brewery and most of all the Milwaukee Ale House, both downtownish. There is a Rock Bottom downtown as well.

    For a good tour, hit Sprecher. And if you, by some devine chance, happen to be driving southwest when you go home, never give up an opportunity to go to New Glarus.

    1. Lakefront Brewery doesn't have a restaurant exactly, but there's one in the building, click on The Palms.

      Only a Friday Fish Fry. I've heard nice things said about it. The beer is excellent.

      1. Unfortunately, we just got here so no fish fry (which we had also heard good things about). We've been to Milwaukee Ale House and enjoyed it a lot last time. My husband has been searching for Spechers for 2 years now in St. Louis. We had a blast on the tour and obviously he loved the beer. Our local IGA did just start selling their root beer; Santa brought some which made our 15 year old happy.

        I'll have a look at the other suggestions. Hopefully, we're playing volleyball late into the evening!