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Feb 1, 2008 10:57 AM

Affordable birthday dinner for 8-12 people in Brooklyn - mission impossible?!?

I am attempting to plan a little birthday dinner for my boyfriend in Brooklyn - around 8-12 people will most likely be attending. We live in Clinton Hill, and most of his friends live around us as well. We are most definitely not afraid to venture out, but would like to keep it somewhat close to the 'hood. We love all types of food. His friends are also criminally cheap, so I am forced to keep it at about $20-25 per person. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and advice you may have!

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  1. Well, if you're willing to travel to Williamsburg, Sea has a very good vibe for a party and the bill is always pretty cheap. I'm always amazed when I go with a big group that the bill is as inexpensive as it is. N. 6th between Berry and Wythe

    1. It would seem to me that it might be more fun to make it a destination dinner, to Flushing or Jackson Heights or one of the good ethnic neighborhoods (or someplace like the ballfields, except it's winter, but you get the idea) -- in other words, go someplace cool that just happens to cost that much, as opposed to trying to find someplace in the neighborhood where everyone is watching what they order so as to not spend too much money.

      If that makes sense.

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        along those lines...Dosa Hutt in Flushing, great Indian food and you'll hit your price point.

      2. You could also do a damn fine dinner party at home, with wine, if everyone kicks in that amount . . .