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Feb 1, 2008 10:54 AM

Sam Adams Utopias, who bought it?

Sam Sam Adams Utopias in my local Whole Foods, $189.95 plus $15.91 sales tax and .05 bottle deposit. How does one drink this? by the shot with a 6 oz. Wild Turkey chaser? chug-a-lug with Patriots victory? Would you dare tell your grandmother who lived through the Depression how much you paid for it? Do you make it a point to get your deposit back?

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  1. Drink it like you would drink a cognac.

    1. don't drink it at all for at least 3-4 years. just too damned rough at first. kinda like someone dropped cheap vodka and a bucket of maple syrup into a bottle of flat barley wine. might get better with age.

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        This is actually one of only a handful of alcoholic beverages I've ever poured down the drain. Your description is apt. Yuck.

      2. I looked into getting one of these about 3 years ago, and came across a piece of advice that seemed quite wise:

        Save yourself some money - spend about half of the cost of the Utopias on a bottle of cognac.

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          $50 cognac isn't very good. Cognac, unfortunately, fetches a premium price because of its name. On the other hand, you can get some really nice single malt Scotch at that price point.

          1. re: Josh

            Half of the cost of Utopias would typically be $90-$100 ;)

            The point is that it tastes not unlike cognac. IMO its not really worth much more than the novelty factor.

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              Huh. I saw it around here for $125.

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                That would be severely underpriced in my area.

        2. My son bought me the 2005 for Christmas 2 years ago. It was after everyone said you couldn't find it. He got it at Johns in Iowa City for 99.00.
          Very good. Very interesting. You buy it as much for its uniqueness, as you do its taste. It's obviously part gimmick, but for beer people, it's pretty neat to have.

          1. I attended the Extreme Beer Festival in Boston last weekend where the Utopias aged on Cacao Nibs was served. I have never had the standard Utopias, but this version was incredible.

            And I didn't think it tasted a bit like Cognac. Totally different. More like a viscous, still barleywine.