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Feb 1, 2008 10:40 AM

Turtles in Chinatown

I've been dying to get one and try it. Perusing recipes, I see there are either Snappers or Sea Turtles. Does anyone here know which is sold in Chinatown and then, also, any suggested recipes?

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  1. The usual is soup, although that's not necessarily just Chinese. In fact, quite a few cusines make turtle soup. I think they're also stewed.Could be more but that's what I usually see.

    1. No experience with the Chinatown turtles, but we bought turtle meat from Polarica a while back, and tried to make a Maryland style turtle soup. Just a word of warning--turtle meat is extremely "fishy" smelling. If you haven't done it before, and weren't raised on turtle soup, it may turn out to be a low reward type of home cooking project!

      1. The most common live turtle sold in SF Chinatown is probably the spiny softshell [Apalone spinifera]. They are typically available live or pre-slaughtered and quartered.