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Feb 1, 2008 10:29 AM

Mexican place in downtown San Jose with amazing & greasy quesadillas

I remember (from about 10-15 years ago) a mexican spot in downtown San Jose (near the courthouse I believe) with the most amazing, HUGE, semi-fried, incredibly tasty and also incredibly greasy quesadillas. However, I do not remember the name... can anyone help? My clues...

1) It was tucked into a little strip off of downtown near the courthouse (maybe off of San Carlos?)
2) As far as I recall, it was NOT La Victoria, as the building (as I picture it based on a foggy memory) was not in an old victorian house, but rather in some kind of nondescript place tucked in amongst other stores/office buildings

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  1. Maybe La Taqueria on 1st near santa clara? There is a photo available on jatbar.