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Oct 7, 2001 06:39 PM

Santa Monica, 10/26 and LAX 10/29

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I'm going to the WCR conference in Santa Monica at the end of the month. Most meals will be part of the event, BUT: When I arrive Friday 10/26 sometime after 8:30PM, I will of course be starved. Any Suggestions, preferably not too expensive, reachable on foot from the Holiday Inn; I eat almost anything except sea cucumber. Also: I leave LAX on Monday 10/29 at 8:00PM. Is there anything decent to eat at the airport, or take on board the plane?

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  1. Michael's is across the street and is terrific -- eat in the patio -- but it's very expensive.

    1. There are two Holiday Inns in Santa Monica.

      If you are staying at the one on Colorado, here's some restaurants that are decent and walkable (although you may want to check out how late they serve):

      Border Grill (Too Hot Tamales)
      Fritto Misto (Fresh Pasta, casual)
      i Cugini (Italian seafood - nice, but a little corporate)
      Ocean Ave Seafood
      the Lobster (for the view mostly!)
      Jiraffe (fancy but delish)

      If you're staying at the one on Pico, the most walkable two restaurants are El Texate, an OK (if best) vaguely Oaxacan restaurant, and Tommy's Original Famous Tommy burgers - basically ooey chilli burgers (definitely open late).

      A little further, but also walkable, is Main Street with Dhaba, a pretty good Indian place, The Galley, a divey sand dabs and steak place, and Rockenwager (renowned chef - Cal-Austrian). Toward the end of Pico (west) is also Cha Cha Chicken, an okay Carribean roasted chicken place (v. casual outdoor seating).

      If you feel like swankily relaxing in a big comfy chair and staring out at the big black night ocean, I recommend a cocktail at the Casa del Mar hotel.

      Addresses and phone numbers can be found at or

      On your way out, have the cab driver stop by Bay Cities Italian Deli on Lincoln between Broadway and Colorado - my very favorite sandwiches in the whole city! Huge and juicy. Yum. Perfect to make your seatmate jealous on the flight home.

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        p.s. some folks above enjoyed el texate.
        p.p.s. FYI - if you're a walker, then all of the above is walkable.

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          Thanks, Julia, for the suggestions. Yes, I love to walk, almost as much as I love to eat (but NEVER at the same time!) so I might get a bit farther afield.