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Feb 1, 2008 10:07 AM

Garlic Festival, Delray 2/8-10

I am thinking about going. Has anyone been? Plan on going? Heard anything about?

The website is:

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  1. Never been but saw this schedule online recently

    Garlic Chef Stadium Schedule: Saturday Feb. 9th 11:30am:
    Round 1 Garlic Chef Competition Caffe Luna Rosa, Delray Beach VS. Lola's on Harrison, Hollywood;

    2:30pm: Round 2 Garlic Chef Competition Boston's Upperdeck, Delray Beach VS. Le Bistro, Lighthouse Point;

    Sunday Feb. 10th 11:00am: Round 3 Garlic Chef Competition;

    3:00pm: Garlic Chef Competition Finals Garlic Chef '07 - Talula, Miami Beach vs. Semi-finalist.

    1. I've been to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Is this comparable?

      1. I have never been so I can't comment on the events in the past. I doubt I'll be partaking in the garlicy goodness, but I do plan on seeing Blues Traveler play Saturday night @ 8pm.

        The garlic chef competition looks pretty fierce.

        1. I went a few years ago...very disappointing. The food was nothing special, and even the more interesting things (garlic ice cream) were just...not good. I love Delray, but lately their festivals of any kind have been a huge rip off. (At least the ones I have attended) If you go, and find different, I"d love to hear!

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          1. re: pringle347

            Pringle....I could not have said it better.....Delray builds it up, and lets me down.I went to the Garlic festival a few years ago also...I was there maybe 1/2 hour and left.....The only festival that i like is the delray Affair.

            1. re: HotMelly

              My kids and I went to one festival...they charged $2 PER kid, PER ride in the bounce house! I was floored. I haven't been to the Delray Affair in years!

              1. re: pringle347

                Can you sample food from the participating chefs?

                  1. re: gingersnap

                    At the DB Garlic Fest Saturday night 8pm after 'Wish You Were Here' - A Tribute to Pink Floyd. Admission is $20 after 5pm.

                  2. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                    For a price...there's a link to the menu on the garlic festival's website, that includes all the an average price of $7.00 per plate, I'm not sure how much you'd be willing to "sample". A few places offer half orders for around $4.00 a plate, but not too many. Even non-garlic items such as hot dogs and lemonade are $3.00 apiece. It's not a cheap day by any means!


            2. my step father went last year and said it was disappointing - he was charged to get into the Old School Sq, there were a few stalls and that was it. I find the Delray Farmers market just as disappointing. Delray Affair is probably the only one worth going to. For us locals all these festivals are darned annoying, the streets are clogged up, we can't park, the roads get closed off and we can't frequent our favourite places! Yes I know it's to bring tourists in but being a resident doesn't give us any benefits.

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              1. re: smartie

                I may go to the first competition, just because Lola's is involved. If any chowhounds want to meet up and discuss the food offered, I'd be down.