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Feb 1, 2008 10:00 AM

Hot Dougs

any opinions?

i'll be eating there tomorrow afternoon and would love suggestions.

also, what are "duck fat fries" ... fries deep fried in duck fats? haha. i'm just guessing on that, and would love fellow Chowhounds opinions please!

EDIT! i just did a search (i always think of this stuff after the fact..) and found a couple articles. but i'd still like to hear opinions and suggestions!

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  1. Cpunches, first of all, get there early! The line always wraps around the building outside and, depending on the weather, that could be very painful tomorrow. That being said, it is worth it. You must get the duck fat fries - they are the most wonderfully rich and delicious fries you'll have at a hot dog joint. I also enjoy the Thuringer (garlic beef sausage) grilled with everything on it. I've never gotten anything there I didn't like. Enjoy and remember to bring cash - no credit/debit cards accepted.

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    1. re: vrollings

      thanks for the help! and i did get the duck fat fries! loved them! they weren't toooo greasy, but the salt was just perfect.

    2. First off, expect a line. I went last Saturday at around 3 and was still a 30 minute line outside. If you're someone (or going with someone) who might be cold, prepare accordingly.

      I haven't had anything bad there either. I'm normally pretty full off of ordering 2 of the specials (usually a Game of the Week and something else), but the not-so-exotic are great too.

      Actually not a big fan of the duck fat fries. They're a bit greasy and salty for me. Lots of others rave about it though, so if you're going you should probably try it.

      Have fun!

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      1. re: Chartrand

        went this morning/afternoon and the wait wasn't so bad! it seems that the wait isn't so much to get a table, but to get the order one! the tables were clearing pretty quickly, but people were taking forever to order. (because of all the awesome choices)

        the duck fat fries were pretty salty, but i was expecting more grease, and it wasn't so bad!

        thanks for the help, too! i loved it!! i ended up getting the lamb , and the 'dog' chicago style. it was awesome!

        1. re: CPunches

          If it's available I highly recomend the Debreziner- it's a mild smoked pork sausage. Not spicy, but incredibly flavorful. Truly amazing! i also tried the lamb with mint and that was good to.

          1. re: pierrot

            yeah, i had the lamb with spicy harissa (spelling on that might be off) and this amazing cheese, that i can't remember off the top of my head.

            it was absolutely to die for, but after stuffing myself on a regular dog, and some duck fat fries, i didn't quite finish it! only two or three more bites, but i just couldn't do it. haha

      2. I heard about this place and want to check it out! A similar place with exotic hot dogs is Fred Hot's in Glenview.