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Feb 1, 2008 09:51 AM

Philadelphia Tomatoe Pie

Need our staple for phila. parties. Any one know where I can find a traditional Philly tomatoe pie in or near fairfax va.

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  1. No sure what that is but Matthews Pizza on Eastern Avenue in Highlandown does a Tomato pie (thats Baltimore)

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    1. re: hon

      Thanks for your reply I forgot to add I was from Northern Va.

    2. on the venerable Wooster St strip in New Haven CT, a "tomato pie" is the term for the basic pizza, without mozzarella, is this what it means in Philly as well?

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      1. re: Jamie D

        That's exactly what it means, vs. a savory pie as in pie crust filled with sliced tomatoes.
        It's generally a square thick crust pie (almost foccacia like) with tomato sauce an usually parm or pecorino sprinkled on top.
        As a Philly native, I ate it at every family occasion since they were in Montgomery County, where this pie is extremely popular and generates "the best" of wars like cheesesteaks.
        I'd be interested to see if anyone in NoVa does tomato pies.