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Feb 1, 2008 09:44 AM

MSP - Dukem Ethiopian

So the old bar on S. 7th street in St. Paul (the Minneapolis home of Pittsburgh Steelers football) has closed, and is being remodeled to reopen as Dukem Ethiopian restaurant. It's across the street from Sibley Plaza, home of Queen of Sheba Ethiopian resto.

I'll keep an eye out for their opening.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!


    1. Just the name has me excited, as that's what my favorite Ethiopian spot in DC (back when I lived there) is called....

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      1. re: mtullius

        mtullius: I was going to ask if there was a relation, love the DC Dukem - but maybe it's a regional/cultural Ethiopian thing I'm ignorant of. (not impossible)

        and btw still rocks and have heard of great things about their neighbors.

        1. re: mtullius

          i think that "dukem" seems to be a very popular name for ethiopian restaurants-- right after "fasika" in popularity, it would seem!

          i believe that fasika translates generally as: "feast"-- and is also a specific holiday in ethiopia(?)

          dukem is the name of a city in ethiopia. i do not know whether it signifies a regional style of food within ethiopian cuisine or not.

          1. re: soupkitten

            I figured as much (why is the simplest answer usu. the right one?), but thanks for the clarification.

        2. Just for info's sake, the name of the bar that closed was The Starting Gate -- in case people might recognize it from that name.

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          1. re: steve_in_stpaul

            Too bad. the gate was a great little dive bar (not for foodies) and was a great place to watch Sunday football...especially if you were wearing yellow & black. at least they got to see the Steelers win a Super Bowl.

          2. I drove by here today and they're open for business. Haven't tried it yet but I'd be interested to hear reports.

            1. Yeah! Ethiopian, my favorite. Very exciting. FYI Tavern on the Avenue has a big sign that says "Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers", for those of you needing a place to go. :)


              Tavern on the Avenue
              Saint Paul, MN, Saint Paul, MN

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              1. re: Sar

                bumping up to see if anyone has tried this place.