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Is Jiraffe as Good as it was 5 years ago

-- which was the last time I went, and loved it, it was my favorite place in SM when I lived in Venice. Anyone been fairly recently with comments? Wondering whether to send a friend tonight...

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  1. i can't say whether it's AS good now as it was back then since my first time was a few months ago, but i did enjoy my experience. the purple gnocchi was delish and the atmosphere is so quaint :). i didn't care for their banana pie dessert, however.

    1. Yes I think it is. We go there a couple times a year for the last several years.

      1. I was just there last month -- fantastic.

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          i was there last month as well, and i concurr.
          terrific food.
          good-enough service.
          good portion size.
          reasonable prices for what you get.

        2. been there twice - once about two/three years ago and once recently - i stand by it - food's good, the atmosphere friendly and relaxed - hope you sent your friend there and it went well

          1. absolutely! i go every couple of months, and jiraffe is consistenltly a wonderful meal. it's my wife's favorite spot.....upstairs on the balcony.

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              Can you recommend some "must trys" there?

            2. FWIW we've been going there since they opened and have always had great food and service. Except the last time--about 5 months ago. The service was not good. I wrote to the restaurant and got the usual letter back (but I'm glad they sent it). I think it was a one time experience and expect to be back next month.

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                Went there about 2 months ago. A solid restaurant. I felt that it was worth pretty much exactly what I paid for it, and if you count the Santa Monica location, perhaps a bit better than what I expected. I had the special, which was a seafood-soup-broth concoction, but in retrospect, I think I should have tried their standard menu to see what they're really about most of the time. I went on a Monday - was no problem securing a reservation and service was good, with plenty of tables around unoccupied. Don't know about the weekends, though.

                I do admit that I'm getting spoiled by the good cheap eats out in Monterey Park, etc though!

              2. Not to get philosophical, but is any restaurant as good as it was 5 years ago?

                1. i went a couple of weeks ago, and i thought it was better than five years ago...the wine used to be way too warm there...now it is better...the food has always been great

                  1. Thanks for all these replies, and I'm happy about the consensus, because I loved the place the few times I went five or so years ago. I remember an awesome fois gras in particular. My friend ended up going to Josie, and was disappointed, actually. I will be back to Jiraffe soon and will report.