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Feb 1, 2008 09:41 AM

Is Jiraffe as Good as it was 5 years ago

-- which was the last time I went, and loved it, it was my favorite place in SM when I lived in Venice. Anyone been fairly recently with comments? Wondering whether to send a friend tonight...

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  1. i can't say whether it's AS good now as it was back then since my first time was a few months ago, but i did enjoy my experience. the purple gnocchi was delish and the atmosphere is so quaint :). i didn't care for their banana pie dessert, however.

    1. Yes I think it is. We go there a couple times a year for the last several years.

      1. I was just there last month -- fantastic.

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          i was there last month as well, and i concurr.
          terrific food.
          good-enough service.
          good portion size.
          reasonable prices for what you get.

        2. been there twice - once about two/three years ago and once recently - i stand by it - food's good, the atmosphere friendly and relaxed - hope you sent your friend there and it went well

          1. absolutely! i go every couple of months, and jiraffe is consistenltly a wonderful meal. it's my wife's favorite spot.....upstairs on the balcony.

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              Can you recommend some "must trys" there?