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Oct 7, 2001 02:07 AM

Neptune's Net in Malibu

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A friend told me this is a great seafood place. While I trust his opinion I want to ask fellow hounds what they think of this place.

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  1. As far as a destination for seafood, it was a real let down for me. But I'm originally from the NE and I'm hard to please when it comes to seafood.

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      I agree, most of the fried seafood menu had a real Van de Camp's quality to it.

      1. re: Panoz

        It's used to be pretty good ten years ago but it's bloody awful now. Keep driving.

    2. If you go, realize there are two parts to the place. One part has fried seafood and burgers and it's ok. The other part has steamed and boiled corn, lobsters (pacific and maine), shrimp and crab (local rock, dungeness etc), and a pretty good chowder. This is the part with the better food I think. The location is fun for an "outoftown" drive.