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Feb 1, 2008 09:31 AM

Recs for good food down east ?

I'll be vacationing this august in winter harbor, maine and wondered if any of you hounds had good recs for places to eat in that area. we'll be an hour east of bar harbor making our first visit.thanks in advance -

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  1. If you search this board, you'll find plenty of info on these places:

    Good home cooking: Country Charm, Chester Pike's (pie!), Ruth & Wimpy's, Chase's.

    Decent restaurant: Fisherman's

    Finer dining: Bunker's Wharf, Chipper's (it doesn't look like much from the road, but the fare is excellent and the prices are reasonable)

    Even finer dining: Le Domaine (French, with an amazing wine cellar), Crocker House

    Lobster and barbecue (yeah, I know, weird combo, but it works): Tidal Falls

    Fancy food/takeout: Mano's Market, Tandoor (also available at the Winter Harbor Farmer's Market)

    Okay pizza and subs: Downeast Deli

    Mexican: The Mexican Restaurant (in the same big log building as the motorcycle shop, right on Route 1. If it lasts...immigration problems).

    Also two good smoked fish spots: Sullivan Harbor and...I'm having a brain cramp on the other one, maybe Winter Harbor--it's owned by the same guy who runs Fisherman's.

    There's also Gerrish's Market, which may become a restaurant this year. It's been more bake shop, sandwiches, takeout.

    1. Hi,

      A google alert for beloved Winter Harbor - where we own a vacation home/vacation rental property - alerted me to this thread! I see you got great advice already from mainegal. But I can add the name of the smoked seafood retailer: Grindstone Neck. Excellent smoked fish and seafood! yes, the co-owener also owns Fisherman's Inn in Winter Harbor, across from the harbor, on the right as you face the harbor coming into the village. I can't wait for the season to begin so we can go back to Fisherman's Inn for the lobster risotto which is worth the expense for a special dinner. There are many good and less expensive dishes available. We've never been disappointed at Fisherman's Inn.

      Turn left at the harbor and Chase's is about 1/10 mile on the right. VERY informal family restaurant. Some of my guests refer to it as a diner, and they all like it. They enjoy the scallops and the sweet potato fries, lobster rolls and the good, basic home cooking available there. This is where you will see the fisherman spending their breaks. Friendly service, reasonable prices.

      We always enjoy Bunker's Wharf (again, turn left at the harbor, travel to Birch Harbor a few miles farther on Rt. 186, turn right at Mc's Market gas station and convenience store. Or just pull in on your way out of the gorgeous Schoodic Pt section of Acadia National Park. Bunker's Wharf overlooks the lovely little harbor. During summer you can be seated out on the terrace waterside. Our favorites: lobster roll and lobster bisque. Only once were we disappointed in a meal at Bunker's Whart. I'm comfortable recommending Bunker's based upon our experience and the other fans who hope the restaurant will stay in business. Oh, it's a nice place to go for a drink. The last time we sat at the bar we visited with the fisherman who provided the clams we were eating and Deb, the owner, shared samples of a new dessert she was featuring that evening.

      I hope you fall in love with Winter Harbor and the many great eateries mainegal has mentioned.