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Feb 1, 2008 09:24 AM


Okay, so my girlfriend is having this potluck lunch at work for someone's going away party. Since she can't cook and I can, of course I have the chore. Well, they said they need main dishes.

I am broke, don't really care about these people, don't really know them (I know that all sounds mean), BUT I don't want to spend a lot of money. But still wow them with what I make, or at least make it taste good.

Any suggestions on cheap potluck main dishes. We are talkin $10 total. IT doesn't have to be something huge because there will be so much food.


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  1. Mac N Cheese with either chipotle or green chiles usually goes over well, especially if you bake it that nice brown crust wows em every time.

    Chili in a crockpot is another easy one. Doesn't need to have much meat in it.

    1. How about a lasagna? Popular, reheats well at work, and not expensive if you don't load it with expensive ingredients. Add a little flavor and eye appeal with spinach and roasted garlic, and you have a cheapie winner.

      1. Vegetarian Chili - couple cans of beans (4 - 5 bucks, tops), 1 can of tomatoes (another buck or so), some beer, some spices - you're done. Throw in some buns - that should win you some points for the attention to detail. You can wow them by bringing 'artisan' style breads, or use different beans to make it interesting. Practical, filling, tastes good ... cheap.

        1. People love my Greek Pasta.Get yourself some spaghetti,feta cheese,kalamati (sp)olives,tomatoes chopped in small pieces,garlic,olive oil,salt and pepper maybe some basil.Heat the ingredients-pour over pasta.Its good and cheap.

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            Thanks for the suggestions! I am thinking along the lines of some sort of bake or something in the crock pot..since she goes to work at 8am..and it will needed to be reheated or kept warm until lunch!

            1. re: vmd1123

              then i vote for chili mac.

              this should get you started...


              but if it's your GF's deal, why isn't she footing the bill for the groceries...particularly since you're doing all the work?

              man, she's good ;)

          2. pulled pork-i do it in the crock pot, use a big hunk of pork, salt and liquid smoke. Easy and cheap