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Feb 1, 2008 09:04 AM

Restaurant (<$25) Walking Distance Eaton Center


I'm looking for a restaurant that's within walking distance from the Eaton Center. I prefer Greek or Italian but I'd be happy/open to anything really. Also, when suggesting a restaurant, I would also like to know whats the best thing to get there, so I don't go there and order the worse thing on the menu (i'm a noob). I'd also enjoy a place with nice deserts. Thanks!

edit: i've browsed/searched a lot, nothing really appealed to me

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  1. The Senator on Victoria just South of a 50's style Diner ....has good food ...Cobb salad ...Hamburgers....Grilled cheese and fries...Miranda

    1. Terroni just east of Yonge/Queen. You can't really go wrong with most of the menu. Never had dessert there, though.

      1. Mangiacake on McCaul Street, just north of Dundas, is an excellent and affordable Italian resto/cafe. Whenever I go I get one of there sandwich/salad combos (try the tomateo boccoccini salad - so good), though I'm told the pasta is quite nice too.

        I'm always too full to order desert - so you'll have to figure that out for yourself.