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Oct 6, 2001 03:51 PM

Restaurants near 205 N. Canon Drive

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I'll be going to see the Vagina Monologues in a few weeks on 205 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. Looking for a place to dine beforehand. I've been to Maple Drive which is a bit pricey for the occassion, may go there for dessert and coffee after the show. Don't want to go to Louise's Trattoria, which is advertised on the VM web site. Any suggestions for places in between the two? It's a big range, but I'm open to non-chain places within that.

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  1. Since my office is at 270 N. Canon, I know the area fairly well, so here goes:

    Across the street, you have Spago. Great but pricey. Further north, you have the steak house Mastro. Also very pricey. On the northwest corner of Dayton Way, you have Mistral. A second version of the French Bistro from the San Fernando Valley. Up further in the block is a pretty good Italian restaurant called Cafe Roma, rather informal but fun for pizza.

    If you're really trying to keep it cheap, there's 345 Mulberry for New York style pizza. Extremely casual.

    Further up the block, you have Xian. An attractive and moderately priced Chinese restaurant. The food is not unpleasant but hardly authentic.

    At the next corner is Il Pastaio. Very nice pasta from Celestino Drago. Not cheap, but nice.

    Porta Via is up a few doors more. Very pleasant and reasonably priced California/Italian cuisine. This might be a best bet.

    Another possible choice is to turn left on Dayton Way and go to the northwest corner of Beverly Drive. Il Fornaio is there. I assume you know this Italian chain; reasonably priced, fairly authentic but bland.

    I've probably left out a place or two, but this pretty much covers the area that you would want to walk to.

    Good luck.

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      If you want to splurge go to Spago's for a great meal, but be sure to reserve in advance and plan for the time it will take to dine there. At least 2 hours.

      Another restaurant the previous poster also rightly recommended is Celestino Drago's Il Pastaio. The risottos (particularly his infamous black squid ink), pastas and even entree's there are absolutely divine. In fact, the last meal I had there was better than my last dining experience at Drago's. I started with a rich, creamy and luxurious ravioli with truffle oil and a venison ragu. Definitely one of the best pasta's I've ever had the pleasure to devour. That was followed by a great osso buco atop a decent risotto, with meat so tender it just fell apart from the bone. And of course I saved the best part for last...the creamy marrow within! The service was also extremely friendly and professional. The only mild complaint I could make was that the basket of bread wasn't particularly good, but that's nitpicking. If you choose to dine there, expect to be there around an hour and a half and a meal for two to cost around $70 or more with wine and dessert.

      1. re: Liver Boy

        I heard that they don't take reservations at Il Pastaio. They did when I was there and it was great. Had the beet risotto. He also made me some Arrancino. Has a great time there. Wish they took reservations. I hate to wait for a table.

        1. re: Just Larry

          Thanks for the responses!! Il Pastaio sounds wonderful. I'll look into whether they take reservations. Bob gave so many great-sounding recommendations... Must appreciated everyone!

    2. the other night before a screening, a friend and I went to Nic's on Canon for a drink. They had special happy hour martinis and some very nice appetizer plates which are $5 each until 7 pm. We had a wonderful plate of toasted country bread, blue cheese, sliced apples and olives, another plate of smoked salmon with toasts, and a smoked chicken quesadilla with tomatillo salsa. It turned out to be a lot of food for $15!

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        Thanks Patty, I think we'll try that - it sounds fast, gourmet, and inexpensive.