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Good food in Lombard area

I'm going to be in the Chicago area next month for an event and was wondering if there are any good places to eat in Lombard, Oakbrook Terrace or the surrounding areas.

We're going to be on somewhat of a budget (not broke, but we probably can't do anything extravagant) and won't have a lot of time between obligations, but we're pretty open-minded eaters.

Any ideas? Any places to avoid?

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  1. You'll find lots of recommendations in that area, in all price ranges, in the extensive discussion at www.chowhound.com/topics/365132

    1. This area is much bigger than you may be thinking. There are plenty of restaurants, and plenty of ethnic choices for restaurants.

      There's a Giordano's on Cermak (22nd) right there for stuffed ("Chicago style") pizza.
      I would HIGHLY recommend Reza's if you like "Persian" (middle eastern) food. Inexpensive, but pretty nice atmosphere, and something for everyone.
      Must try form Reza's:
      Grilled mushrooms appetizer
      Dark (or white) meat chicken kababs with dill rice.
      They also have lunch specials, and a lunch buffet.
      Maggianos is always decent eats for groups, and there's one in OB. If you have a Maggiano's wherever you are, I'd skip it, but that's me.

      Indian - you can get some decent stuff out that way. I guess for atmosphere, I'd go with India House.

      Again, the area might be bigger than you are thinking. If you are looking for something specific, please say so. "Good Food" is pretty vague, since there is plenty of good food in the area. I'm not familiar with the area's Thai / Japanese / Chinese places, so I can't comment on any.

      1. for Chinese if you are interested,

        get yourself to Ogden Avenue(route 34) from 83 south and go west on Ogden & you will find 3 of the best Chinese restaurants in Chicagoland imho.

        1st up:

        Katy's Dumpling House
        665 N. Cass
        Westmont, IL.

        A small location in a strip mall, but top notch noodles, dumplings, and pot stickers

        2nd :

        Lao Szechuwan
        1331 Ogden Ave.
        Downers Grove, IL.

        The suburban location of one of the top places in chinatown,


        Fabulous Noodles
        4663 Old Tavern Road
        Lisle, IL.

        My favorite Chinese in Chicagoland, great noodle dishes, eggrolls,e etc.

        Enjoy your visit.

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        1. re: swsidejim

          Thanks Gordeaux and swsdjeim,
          I guess by 'good food' I mean something that's edible and affordable. A friend and I are attending a weekend dance conference, so we're going to be pretty hungry but also pressed for time so we might not have a lot of time for exploring.

          My friend and I really love ethnic food, especially Middle Eastern and Indian. I didn't want to specify ethnic in my post though, because I'm not familiar with the area at all and was worried it would be a ethnic culinary wasteland. And I will definitely check out the Chinese places.

          1. re: rweater

            In that case, Reza's will not blow you away for Mid Eastern food, but it is definitely passable, and affordable. Standard hummus/ baba ghannouj, falafel preps are ok. You might also wana try the vegetarian shami appetizer. Mushrooms, and chicken kababs are pretty darn good though.

            India House should fit your bill as well, although, you kinda have to pay for the atmosphere. I think they might have a buffet at lunch as well. I know a decent "cabbie joint" for desi food if you are interested. This is no frills Indian food. Few tables and chairs, fridge with sodas, hot tea, and that's IT. I only went once (going back tonight as a matter of fact) but I thought they made some pretty decent stuff. It's "meatcentric" Indian a la Pakistani food.
            Desi Grill & Pizza
            912 E Roosevelt Rd
            Lombard, 60148.

            (Just W of Myers on N side of road. Blink, and you'll miss it)

            I'll post something tonight if they come through for the second time in a row.

            1. re: gordeaux

              Tried their Chicken Tawa.
              This was an indian version of sweet/sour chicken. It was ok. I ordered it over the phone. The menu did not describe it very well. Still, it was ok, just not what I expected. Chunks of sauteed chicken, green pepper, and onion in a sweet red sauce. Not as disgustingly sweet as the Ameri-Chinese version.

              Chicken Kerahi -
              Good stuff. Darned good for the price.

              Bhindi Masala.
              Okra. Ok. Nothing to write home about.
              I still like this place. I think if you know what to order, you are in ttl business. Good things I've had:

              Chicken Kerahi
              Aloo Gobi
              Not so great:
              Haleem (too salty when I had it)
              Chicken Tawa (not bad, just nothing great at all)
              Next to try:
              Chili Chicken
              Chicken Boti

            2. re: rweater

              your welcome, typically nothing more affordable than a lunch special from a Chinese restaurant so these spots would fit that requirement.

              I do not each much indian, so I do not have any first hand rec's I can pass along.

              enjoy your visit.

          2. I would recommend Greek Islands, which is in Lombard and, as its name suggests, features Greek food. Food is very good and reasonably priced.

            1. Sri Ganesh is a very good vegetarian Indian restaurant on Roosevelt Road in Lombard. It's also a BYOB, which will help to keep you within budget. Just be weary of any extras the owner is offering you.... it'll surprisingly all end up on your bill!


              Also, for some great carry-out or delivery, Rosati's pizza on Roosevelt Road in Lombard has excellent pizza and their pasta dishes are far superior to many well-known Italian restaurants. Their lasagna is the best! (630) 620-1700. Oh, and ask for the owner, he's not too shabby either!

              Places to avoid.... Buona Beef & Coyote's Mexican.

              Also, a couple of doors east of Sri Ganesh is Thai Orchid, if that's something you're interested in. I've been there for lunch numerous times and it's always satisfied my craving for some great & favorite comfort foods!

              1. I meant to mention in my earlier post to stay clear of the chain haven along Butterfield Road between Lombard & Oak Brook. However; the two restaurants that I'd highly recommend within that area Reza's, which was recommended by Gordeaux. India House is 'ok'.... I still prefer Sri Ganesh on Roosevelt. Momotaro (Japanese/Sushi) on Butterfield in Lombard has been there at least 20 plus years and has always more than satisfied my sushi cravings. Heck, we live just a couple of miles west on Butterfield and can whip up just about any type of ethnic food you'd want!! Enjoy your visit near the windy city!

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                1. re: wineaux

                  Wineaux, are you familiar with any of the other Indian places in that immediate area? Please share if so. I'm really interested.

                  1. re: gordeaux

                    I have noticed a lot of little Indian places on Roosevelt, but am not familiar with any of them. For some odd reason, I'm a little intimidated by Indian restaurants, only because if their menu is not very clear, I have a difficult time determining what to order!!

                    Not exactly in the immediate area, but I've been going to Shree on Cass & Ogden for at least 10 years or so and although I'm far from an expert on Indian food, I really enjoy the food & service at Shree. My favorite there is the tamarind rice. There's plenty of other great dishes, but unfortunately I've usually gone for the lunch buffet and don't quite remember what it is I was eating :) I recall when Sri Ganesh opened someone told me that the chef from Shree transferred over the Sri Ganesh. Having frequented both of them, I'm now wondering if this is true. I still prefer Shree.

                    Also, I've done carry-out from a little place in the strip mall where the White Hen is off of Midwest Road and south of Roosevelt. Can't remember the name, but the food was delicious and the employees very friendly & helpful.

                  2. re: wineaux

                    There are some worthwhile options that are part of chains:

                    Reel Club, the new Lettuce Entertain You seafood place. http://www.leye.com/restaurants/rest_...

                    Adobo Grill, upscale Mexican, a branch of the Old Town restaurant.

                    Greek Islands' second location in Lombard is also very good.

                    rweater, if you are going to be around for Sunday brunch you might want to check out Drury Lane's. It's immense. Reservations are a must.

                    There's also a funky hot dog stand called the Main Stop, with good Italian beef and weird shakes.

                    Main Stop
                    715 S. Main St.
                    Lombard, IL 60148

                    1. re: LAZ

                      Steer clear of sushi place next to Adobo. Weird stuff. I liked the - I think it's called "ROC" wine bar in the same area of the mall - good wine and better than expected food!

                  3. Tin Fish is very good, on 22nd I believe, near Reza's. A little on the "nicer" side, but not two expensive for very good seafood.

                    Tuesday night (at least at the Tinley location) is Ladies Night, where ladies eat for 1/2 price. I'd suggest calling to find out if the Oak Brook location has the same deal.

                    1. A hearty second for Greek Islands in Lombard: full service with extensive menu.
                      A nice gyros joint is Gyros King in Downers Grove at the SE corner of Ogden Ave. and Main Street.
                      A really good BBQ place is Uncle Bub's in Westmont, on Cass Avenue two blocks south of the Burlington RR tracks.