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Feb 1, 2008 08:36 AM

Any good BBQ in LV?

I live in San Francisco, so I have lots of choices for great food, but one thing we don't have(IMO) is good BBQ. anything worth checking out while I'm in Las Vegas?

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  1. I haven't eaten there, but a coworker whose instincts I trust (and who clearly knows her way around food) today was singing the praises of Lucille's in Henderson. She says the ribs are the way to go. Any other hounds ever eaten there? Henderson is a long way from my home, but if the ribs are worth the drive I'm there. Any comments from the hounds???

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      Lucille's in the Green Valley Ranch Casino Resort Complex (long name) is really good, located in henderson, NV...about a 20 minute drive from the strip.... , better make reservations.

        1. TC's Rib Crib was the best of 3 BBQ places I went to on a trip last year.

          T C' Rib Crib
          8470 W Desert Inn Rd Ste H3, Las Vegas, NV 89117

          1. Honestly... no. Most are part of a chain, Salt Lick, Rub, Lucille, Memphis and are usually way, way overpriced. The local joints pay too much for rent so they tend to cut back on something that might make your meal more enjoyable like portion size or quality.

            There is one place I like called Famous Dave's. It's part of a chain, but serves good quality, large portions at reasonable prices. Many people rave about Lucille's. I don't like being overcharged for my food. YMMV.


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              RUB is part of a chain of 2. One restaurant with like 50 seats in NYC. THe other with like 150 in the Rio in Vegas. I have now been to both. It is my favorite restaurant.