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Feb 1, 2008 08:06 AM

One love -Hendersonville coming to Asheville

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  1. damn! you beat me to it. just got back from reading the paper during lunch & fired up chowhound to post it.

    i can't express how much i'm looking forward to this. i can already vouch for the goat, oxtails, chicken & collards. yum yum yum! if one hasn't been to the h-ville location or caught their booth at goombay, know that this is some seriously good cooking.

    look for it late march/early april in the current, but soon to be former, ritz location. since the ritz can't continue, i think this is a fantastic replacement for it.

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    1. re: mark

      Great news indeed--and HIGHLY recommended to those who haven't tried it. I expect that they will do quite well on "the block."

      1. re: mark

        What happened to The Ritz?
        I loved this place when I was there last year.

      2. We ate at One Love II, the Asheville location, on Saturday and it was great. They ran out of beef patties so we had a chicken patty to start. I had never had a patty, which is like a pastry filled with flavorful ground meat and spices, and it was a good starter. I had the callaloo plate, which is a green veggie sort of like spinach sauteed with onions and peppers. Sounds simple and boring even, but it was so flavorful and delicious. It is served with rice and peas...perfect, wonderful rice...and plantains and cornbread, which was really more like a cake or breakfast bread scented with cinnamon. My husband had the jerked snapper sandwich, a really nice, thick piece of fish grilled and served with sloppy jerk sauce that was spicy and good. It is served with fries but our server said he could switch that out for greens or rice and peas if he wanted something more traditional so he opted for the yummy rice.

        Please, please try it because we were the only ones there the entire time and it was Saturday at 12:30. I hope it does well because it was really, really good. They have done a nice job with the space, too. And for those who liked the Ritz (I did too) it looks like they still have a lot of Southern food like greens and fried chicken.

        We will definitely be back!

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        1. re: miss piggy

          Its in a terrible location.I loved the Ritz and really like One Love.I hope word of mouth can sway some folks to try it.It is really a hidden treasure.

          1. re: Spreadhead

            One Love is indeed a treasure. Hopefully, it will be able to remain afloat until all the new development downtown is finished. Then it should thrive--it is the only truly authentic Jamaican food in town, after all. (Nine Mile is also wonderful but is more Caribbean Fusion...see my recent review on this board.)

        2. The food is fantastic!! What a nice change of pace. The bold spices used are wonderful. Don't miss out!!! The food is exactly as I remember it in Jamaica. Excellent!