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Feb 1, 2008 08:04 AM

Weekend lunch for first time visitors to LA

I am taking a group of four Croatians around LA on Saturday. We will start on the west side in Santa Monica, go the the Getty, Beverly Hills, the Griffith Observatory and end up at Disney Hall and the Cathedral Downtown. Three of these people have never been to the US. So, where should I take them for a late lunch around1:00 or 1:30 in the Beverly Hills area. I am looking for a "California" place to go. I am thinking about the Farm in BH. The other option is to eat at the Getty. Any other suggestions? Has anyone eaten at the cafe at the Observatory? Thanks!

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  1. Go elsewhere for lunch besides the Observatory cafe. So many nice options!

    What is the budget?

    The Getty is not so close to the Obervatory.

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      No budget. Is the food bad at the Observatory? Isn't it a Wolfgang Puck operation? It has excellent views...I will go anywhere between the Getty and Hollywood for a good lunch.

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        I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and quantity. Remember though, it is basically a cafeteria. You pick up a salad or sandwich from a cold case wrapped in a plastic container. Also, you've heard about the utensils that are made out of corn...well they use them there. Has a slight rancid oil taste.

    2. Around the pool at the Beverly Hills hotel! Doesnt get more Hollywood than that!

      1. I would eat at the cafeteria at the Getty Center in West LA. The food is reasonably priced and tasty. There is a large indoor eating area, with beautiful large windows. You can also eat at a number of outdoor patios, if the weather is nice. They have sandwiches, fries, soup, chili, and a variety of other options. It's called the Cafe. See the link below for more info.

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          Nate 'N Al's or the Polo Lounge would be very LA experiences for them.

        2. Went to the cafe at the Observatory last Saturday. While the setting is spectacular, it really is more of a "Wolfgang Puck to go" menu. I think the restaurant at the Getty is quite good. Also agree with the Beverly Hills Hotel could also do The Bel Air Hotel. There's Chateau Marmount if you want a younger, hipper vibe. And it's always a Callifornia thing to drive up PCH and hit someplace In Malibu--Duke's, Moonshadows, Geoffrey's. Hard to beat on a beautiful, clear day--especially without summer crowds!

          1. Heck, take them to Spago in BH, if your budget is open. Maybe they'll even see a star or two.

            You can also whisk them to the Original Farmer's Market or try someplace along Melrose in West Hollywood. They might like Breadbar on third.

            Some California places in Beverly center.

            Real Food Daily has a cali heath vibe.