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Feb 1, 2008 08:03 AM

Pampered Chef pizza stone

Is Pampered Chef's pizza stone somehow different or better than whatever other brands are out there? Lots of posts have positive opinions on the PC pizza stone but isn't it just an ordinary pizza stone? If it's truly special, then I want one!


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  1. I have the rectangular one, which I received as a gift. While I don't think it's anything special I do like it very much. Odd background story on this gift is that they definitely supplied the wrong metal holder for my stone--clearly it's for the smaller round stone instead of the rectangular stone--but insisted it was the correct one despite the fact that the stone doesn't fit it in any way, shape or form. And adamantly refused to even consider an exchange. Oh well, I never use the holder anyway, since I leave the stone in my oven. But Pampered Chef also eliminated my ever buying something from them on my own.

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      Sounds like whoever gave you the gift ordered the wrong rack. That is not PC's fault. If the gift giver had of realized it they could have sent it back free of charge and gotten the correct one. Of well!!

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        It WAS PC's fault. It WAS the gift giver who attempted to exchange the rack for the correct one. Pampered Chef insisted it was the correct rack despite the fact that the stone doesn't fit it. Sorry PC isn't perfect.

    2. I have some stone Pampered Chef products and some other companies ... they are the same .. the only difference is the price! I found a never-used pampered chef bowl at a garage sale for $5. I use it for "quiche" (like the real thing with less cream) ... I think all stoneware is great no matter what kind it is as long as its of good quality

      1. I have the round one. I use it and like it but it's not any different than similar found in stores. It's not as thick actually as many of them that are out there. I've had it for over ten years and haven't had reason to replace it but if I ever do next time around I"ll definitely go for a thicker one in a larger rectangle - for less money. ( I had a good friend that sold PC back then so occasionally would buy something from her to help her out. In general I've never been displeased with anything I've bought from them but most of their stuff can be had out in the market for less money. I dno't think I would specifically go looking for something from them unless i was again doing someone a favor).

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          1. I don't know how much the pc pizza stone is, but I bought a round stone with rack for about $12-14 at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you like making pizza, it is really the only way to make the crust crispy. Plus, with stores like Trader Joes selling great pizza dough, there's no excuse for not making pizza a home. BTW I just leave it on the bottom rack in the oven even when I'm baking other things for storage. It doesn't interfere with baking at all.

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              I chose a PC pizza stone as a gift with my Amazon gift cert this year and although I've only used it a couple of times, I do like it. The rack was a nice bonus, and the whole rig stays in the oven most of the time (as peppatty suggested) without interfering with anything. I have a VERY small kitchen an no where else to keep it!