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Feb 1, 2008 07:57 AM

Biscuits & Gravy in Seattle?

Whether in E-Burg, Baker City, or Grants Pass, this is my go-to breakfast order on the road, with a couple eggs on top. But I've never had it in Seattle, maybe because it's rarely on the menu. Where do you get good biscuits & gravy in town? As a corollary, the question begets another: What's your favorite diner in the Seattle? (And on a related note, are any of those SODO old-timey diners any good?)


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  1. Oh man, yes, the only thing that really matters in life; I eagerly await the responses. I've been taking my chances with B&G in this town for 20 years, and the fact that not a single memorable serving comes to mind (except maybe for badness) attests to the luck I've had. Probably the most flavorful was one of them gour-mette versions at the Five Spot a few years ago. The gravy was rich and tasty, with generous bits of pork sausage, and in fact the biscuit was very nice too. However, the two combined indicated that someone in the kitchen had simply missed the point: The gravy alone could have passed for a creamy main course, while the biscuit had way too much body to be caressed into yummy tenderness by the gravy. They were just trying too hard.

    May I humbly request that the scope of this inquiry be expanded to the whole Northwest? After all, a real B&G lover will go a long way for a good batch, and that includes me.

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    1. re: Barry Foy

      I've enjoyed the biscuits and gravy at both Geraldine's Counter and Kingfish Cafe.

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        Geraldine's Counter was not doing it for me, a little too much going on and the gravy wasn't heated through. And just not good enough for me to want to go back. The Dish in ballard has good gravy, but their biscuits can sometimes be a bit dry, but it's my go-to in Seattle for B&G. (plus they always have great service)

        1. re: alki_chick

          I've enjoyed the B&G at Kingfish too. Putting it out there up front that I'm not a qualified judge of authentic Southern-style biscuits, but Kingfish's are big, fluffy, moist and smothered in tasty gravy (albeit pretty heavy on the sage which doesn't strike me as particularly traditional).

      2. I concur with Barry Foy.

        I've tried places around the area Puget Sound and nothing really stands out as memorable. Nothing terrible, but nothing that hits me with "That's it! That's how I remember biscuits and gravy." Previous post on this topic people have mentioned Geraldine's Counter or Dish Cafe, both of which I have not tried, but on my list.

        Most places seem to use mass produced hockey puck biscuits that are dense and cakey. If they have good biscuits, then the gravy is bland or leans towards the sweet side. Too much milk or sage?

        My recent try, last 3 months, was a place under the I-5 on the UW side of Lake Union. I can't remember the name exactly. I just remembered calling it Volvo's. The biscuits and gravy were okay.

        I personally think the problem is not having good breakfast sausage. The only stuff that I really see available is Jimmy Dean, which I think tends to be on the bland side. Bland sausage = bland gravy. I've even given up making sausage gravy at home.

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        1. re: dave_c

          While it isn't sausage gravy, thus making it not your standard Biscuits and Gravy, the new smoked chicken w/ sausage and gravy at Tilth was quite tasty.

 has the picture.

          1. re: jaydeflix

            I love Tilth, but I'm looking for diner fare in this case. It's strictly a Trillinesque operation.

          2. re: dave_c

            Dave c's "was a place under the I-5" would have been Voula's. A decent, pedestrian breakfast joint.

            1. re: mrnelso

              A Noteworthy Note: Voula's Offshore Cafe was featured on Food Network's show -- Diners, Driveins, and Dives. One of the featured items was their Hobo, a 6-egg concoction with sausage, mushrooms, cheese, onions, and hash browns.

          3. Well I'm about as far as you can get from being a Southern Boy, and I certainly don't know how biscuits & gravy are 'supposed to be', but at the 14 Carrot Cafe on Eastlake they are homemade, and IMHO wonderful.

            1. Hattie's Hat is pretty much my favorite "diner" in Seattle. (Quotation marks indicate I'm not sure it qualifies as a diner in that it's not open 24/7 with the same menu all day.)

              I really like the "Mother & Child Reunion" on the brunch menu - chicken fried chicken with sausage gravy and 2 eggs (make mine over easy) plus choice of bread (biscuit for me, thanks.) I wouldn't order just the biscuits and gravy, though.

              Big fan of their bloody mary, too.

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              1. re: terrier

                jay's cafe on bothell way just past the park and ride lot is "famous" for their chicken fried steak & biscuits and gravy. especially the biscuits. and the portion size his huge. i ordered the full order on the b&g and only finished half. you can do a half order so that's the standard now. you can thank me later.

                1. re: bighound

                  Based on your rec, I tried them for the CFS. They must have changed alot since you ate there. Their CFS is now 6 oz. and is deep fried. The gravy (what little they served) was just o.k. Their biscuit,altho good, was bought baked. I still haven't found decent b&g or CFS around here.

                  1. re: kirkj

                    wow thats really sad. i have not been in about 10 months but when i was going on a regular basis myself and half a dozen other food sales people in the area would go and just marvel at the portion size and the flavor and the fresh flaky biscuits. glad you let us know before i went to be disappointed.

              2. UPDATE: I took my kids to Geraldine's Counter this Sunday a.m. We arrived at 8:40 and there was a line out the door by nine. I told the floor manager about my pursuit of decent B&G w/in Seattle city limits and he seemed sympathetic (altho vegetarian) and assured me that their B&G were homemade and well received.

                Indeed, they were homemade--not the off-white creamed sauce out of a can with tiny bits of sausage. Lots of big chunks and a gravy that was obviously made in-house. Very good flavor, without a sage overkill. The biscuits were moist and fluffy. Not huge and billowy, not hockey pucks. Excellent service (the manager checked back several times to get my opinion; I ranked the B&G an 8 and he seemed pleased).

                One weird thing: my daughter wanted pancakes from the kids menu, but they were only doing pancakes one way that morning: with bananas. Kids can be funny about messing with a beloved food, and I thought it strange that they couldn't cook plain pancakes to order, but have to admit that the 'cakes that arrived were perhaps the best I've ever tasted. Seriously.


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                1. re: Finspot

                  Gerladine's best menu is breakfast. I live just a block away and eat there regularly. There French toast is heavenly and I don't even like French toast. Oh, and the Bavarian Meats bacon . . . . . The only unfortunate part is the massive number of patrons on the weekends. I don't even bother on Saturday or Sunday. I hear their sister restaurant El Greco is great too but have yet to try it out.