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Feb 1, 2008 07:54 AM


We went to Maverick's last night for the first time. The staff was exceptionally friendly and the french fries were good. The sandwiches are the worst. For $16.00 we got two third grade cafeteria lady sloppy joes. We had the Spicy Jamaican Jerked Beef Sandwich (Sloppy Joe) and the Beef Brisket Sandwich (Sloppy Joe). Both were terrible.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. I've always really liked their brisket sandwich, but it's been a while since I've been there. What was it about the sandwiches that were terrible?

    1. I'm really surprised to hear that, as Maverick's is consistently good. The best things on their menu are the two "signature items" - the regular roast beef, and the beef brisket (not to be confused with the BBQ Beef.)

      I really, really don't understand the comparison to sloppy joe. Sloppy Joe is made with ground beef - and NOTHING at Maverick's uses that. The roast beef is real, sliced to order rare roast beef. From what I've gathered, the brisket is made from the ends of the roasts, simmered and pulled apart.

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        1. re: Danny

          I agree with Danny and MSPD, but, I will say, the first time I went to Maverick's, I was a little underwhelmed. I don't know what I was expecting, but because I'd heard so much about it, perhaps, I was expecting an enormous sandwich with thick hunks of meat on some gigantic crusty roll. What you actually get (unless you specifically order the onion roll or one of the other roll options) is something that looks like (forgive me for saying so) an Arby's sandwich on a fast food hamburger like bun. The beef is shaved super duper thin, which, again, is kinda reminiscent of the Arby's thing.

          But, the second time I went back, once I knew what to expect, I was able to focus more on the fact that the rare roast beef was sliced to order. They do it right in front of you, and the result is these beautiful, tender, paper-thin slices of rosy roast beef. The beef is never tough or overdone. And, as Danny says, it's real roast beef, not pressed together beef bits or something.

          There are other choices aside from the hamburger-like bun, but I now realize that the point of it is so that it doesn't interfere with or overwhelm the roast beef, which is the star, and the bun is always soft and fresh. I also love all the trimmings you get to pile on yourself, the horseradish, the pickled carrots and peppers (I never put the pickled things on my sandwich--I just love them on the side)... The fries, as you say, are very good, as are the chocolate shakes (never, ever order the strawberry shake, according to uisge...I haven't corroborated this, but I trust her judgment enough to not want to try it based on her experience).

          So, to MIKELOCK, I say, go back and try again. Now that you realize what you're in for, you might really appreciate what I now consider to be the simple perfection of their product.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            There was no simple perfection to their product. There was no sliced roast beef. They served us sloppy joes. Sloppy joes are not always made with ground beef. The sandwich fillings were beef cooked down to mush and mixed with some cheap sauce from a jar. They were school cafeteria style sloppy joes. It would have been okay if they had tasted good, but they were really lame.

            1. re: MIKELOCK34

              I don't doubt that you were unhappy with your visit to Maverick's--that's coming across loud & clear-- but, I have to believe it your experience was an aberration because, honestly, I've eaten at Maverick's a couple of dozen times and have never had an experience like you've described where there was no sliced roast beef. I always order the sliced roast beef sandwich and, in my experience, they always have it because, as Danny says, it's one of their signature dishes (the other being the beef brisket sandwich). I don't know why they wouldn't have had the sliced roast beef the day you were there, but, aside from the unimpressive bun, I can assure you, it in no way resembles a sloppy joe in taste or texture. And there's no sauce on it, cheap or from a jar or otherwise.

              I've never tried the Spicy Jamaican Jerked Beef Sandwich, so, I can't comment on that. I love the sliced roast beef so much, I can't really even remember if I I've tried the brisket, even though I keep thinking I should because it's their other signature item and I'm guessing I would like it, too.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                Not trying to argue here, but I am telling the world that the sandwiches that we were served at Maverick's consisted of beef cooked down to a mushy consistency that were indeed mixed into a sloppy joe type sauce. We would not go back to eat a sandwich there, but we would probably go to eat french fries and look around to see what fillings they were putting into the sandwiches on that day. I do not ever believe in that "we were there on their one bad day" thing anymore for any restaurant. The next time one of you goes there for a sandwich, please post a picture of the fillings so that we can take a look. Thanks.

                1. re: MIKELOCK34

                  I'm not saying you were there on a bad day. I'm saying I've been there dozens of times and they have always had the roast beef: it's always been available, always been sliced to order, never resembled sloppy joes, never been mushy, and never had a sauce. So, your experience is completely different from mine. I can't explain it, nor will I try to.

                  These aren't my photos, but Jan and Michael Stern's. The second photo from the top is the sliced, rare roast beef on the unimpressive hamburger bun I'm describing (and, as I described--completely without sauce). The top photo is the beef brisket sanwdwich with added (presumably by Michael Stern) horseradish--I've never had that sandwich that I can recall, but I've dined with plenty of folks who have, and that's pretty much how it looks (you have to add the horseradish yourself.). It doesn't look particularly sauce-y either.

                  These photos all look pretty "on target" to me--that is, 100% consistent with my own experiences--for Maverick's, except the interior restaurant shot: they've done a major remodel of the interior decor since that photo was taken. Also, I don't see the "Spicy Jamaican Jerked Beef Sandwich" you ordered in the photograph of their menu--so, maybe they added that to the menu when they did the remodel or maybe it was a special of the day the day you were there. (It doesn't sound that special. ;-) ).



                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    Thanks for the pictures. The sandwiches in those photographs do not in any way resemble what we were served at Maverick's.

                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      These photos also look exactly like the very good roast beef and brisket sandwiches I've had at Maverick's dozens of times over the years (I used to live in the neighborhood and now make a point of going back whenever I can). I just don't want folks to think that MikeLock34's experience was representative of what you'll get at this great chowjoint. MikeLock34, if you do indeed go back to eat fries and check out sandwich fillings, please try the plain sliced roast beef sandwich (add your own horseradish) or the brisket sandwich on a pumpernickel bun (ditto). No sauce, no ground meat, no foolin'.

                      1. re: mcgeary

                        Add me to that list. It would be safe to say that on average, I've been there twice a month for the last 5 years. The only difference between the pictures and what I've gotten is that I always order the Onion roll.

                        Try a Roast Beef on Onion, and you won't need a single topping. It is an absolutely perfect combo.

                        I will say that I once ordered the BBQ Beef because it was cheap, and it was drenched in BBQ sauce. I've seen the Jerk on the menu, but never ordered it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was drenched in sauce from a jar.

                        But, it isn't what I'd use as a judge of Maverick's. Their beauty is in their simplicity.

                        1. re: Danny

                          Again, ditto. The roast beef sandwich (photo #2) is my only reason to go to Mavericks. It just isn't one of those restaurants where you can order anything on the menu and get greatness. If I want BBQ beef and/or brisket, I stick to the stretch of country between Kansas City and the Rio Grande.

                          1. re: MSPD

                            We did not order the BBQ beef. The brisket, which we did order, is being spoken of as one of their signature items on this thread. Please go to Maverick's and take some current photos of the sandwich you are served. We would really like to see what they are serving. I am simply stating that we were served crap. Definitely go there and send us photos. Your experience may be completely different from ours. Thanks.

                            1. re: MIKELOCK34

                              You're welcome for the photos--sorry these weren't the sandwiches you were served. However, I don't think we need a photo as "proof" that the food isn't "crap"--I take Danny's and MSPD's and mcgeary's word that their experiences are as they described, especially since they mirror my own and are based on multiple visits over a long period of time and are all absolutely consistent with photos that have been posted. Mikelock, perhaps you can post a photo of the sandwiches you and your girlfriend were served?

                              Anyway, it seems like one or some combination of a couple of things may have happened here:

                              1. The worst and absolutely most unacceptable possibility--they've changed their menu and the great sliced roast beef sandwich is gone and the brisket is now drenched in cheap BBQ sauce consistent with the experience MikeLock reported. (Unlikely --or at least foolish--that they'd change the menu, in my opinion, because these are their most popular items, but of course, always possible.) Please let this not be the case, that they've changed their menu.

                              2. Likely possibility: The Spicy Jamaican Jerked Beef Sandwich is not very good and Mike just had the misfortune of ordering it.

                              3. Possible: Maybe there was a new, poorly trained employee who served MikeLock's girlfriend the BBQ beef (which Danny agrees is drenched in possibly cheap from a jar BBQ and not very good) instead of what she actually ordered, which was apparently the brisket (which doesn't seem to be drenched in sauce based on mcgeary's and Danny's reports, based on the Stern photos, and based on my own experiences of dining with others who have ordered it).

                              I sincerely hope that option #1 hasn't occurred and that Mikelock's experience was some combination of options #2 & #3 &/or an option I haven't thought of.

                              I will anxiously await another Maverick's report confirming that #1 isn't the case. Photos not necessary; I'll believe you.

                              P.S. It won't be me, alas, as dining at Maverick's (and many of my other favorite places) between now and April'ish would be in violation of my new year's resolution. Long story.


                              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                Thanks for your post. Again, I am not saying that the others posting here are not telling the truth. I am saying that we were not served the food shown in those photos. If we see that they are serving good food by seeing other people's current photo's, then we may try them again. If what they served us is what is now being served there, we will not. I am trying to encourage other people to go there and let us know.

                                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                  Actually, I think we might need two scouting reports. The first is to verify whether lunch is as it was. The second is to see whether & how dinner differs from lunch.

                                  That's the first thing that jumped out at me: Mike was there at night, and the strength of experience on this board is drawn from lunches.

                                  1. re: KTFoley

                                    Great point! The expanded hours to include dinner service is new'ish. Why oh why might take the best thing (ie., sliced rare roast beef sandwich on unimpressive bun) off the menu for dinner is beyond me, but, yeah, it could happen.


                          2. re: mcgeary

                            My girlfriend had the brisket on pumpernickel.

                    2. re: MIKELOCK34

                      Sloppy joes are always made with ground beef. If someone served me a sloppy joe and it was made with something other than ground beef, I would curse them.

                      Additionally, the first photo on the site TDQ posted made me drool. I may have to take a 2 hour lunch today.

                      1. re: Foureyes137

                        Not at all. You must live in a different region than we do. Down here, they are made with non ground beef too.

                        1. re: Foureyes137

                          Well, if you go, for goodness sake, please report back! (Ditto that sloppy joes are made with ground beef in the region I come from, too.)


                  2. This just in...
                    A friend and I went to Mavericks on Saturday (2/2) at about 2pm. I had my camera with me and snapped photos for her sandwich blog. I'm glad to share them here.

                    We ordered two brisket sandwiches and one roast beef to share, one coke, one choc shake, fries and onion rings. We also stocked up on pickles, horseradish, and ketchup (for the fries).

                    Photographic proof of what we ate. Roast beef was rare, tender and tasty. I ate my part without the bun so as to revel in the tastyness (the bun can mask the delicate flavor of the rare beef). The brisket is officially my favorite now (after ordering both for a while). I love the roast beef but the brisket packs this amazing beefy flavor that really knocks me out. (I do want to try Danny's suggestion of roast beef on onion roll). I like to take a few bites plain then smear the rest of the sandwich with horseradish.

                    The brisket, as pictured, is shredded with some chucks left whole. The only sauce is the juices it cooked in.

                    BTW, I was there last Sunday, too and ordered the mashed with gravy. Potatoes were forgettable, but they must make the gravy with the brisket juices. Yum!

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                    1. re: Uisge

                      WHEW! Thank you for your very timely report. So, they're still serving the great rare roast beef sandwiches and brisket sandwiches for lunch. The question now is (as KTFoley astutely pointed out), are they serving them for dinner, too?

                      *sigh* And, given your endorsement of the brisket, I guess I have to branch out and try those now, too. But, oh, the opportunity cost of not ordering the roast beef!

                      Wow. Miss. Maverick's. Sandwiches. So. Much.


                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                        Further update...
                        So another friend had *dinner* at Mavericks for the first time last night (5pm). There were three in the group and they got the pulled pork, Jamaican jerk, and roast beef sandwich. So there is definitely a roast beef sandwich at dinner.

                        According to my friend, all sandwiches were tasty but the roast beef blew them all away (he mentioned wanting to steal it away from the person who ordered it). The counter staff were very friendly and came over with samples of the different sandwiches and chatted.

                        Did anyone else know there is an animatronic deer head? (like that fish that sings). I've been so sandwich focused I've missed it. Plus-it's obviously never been playing when I was there.

                        1. re: Uisge

                          It doesn't sing, the owner has a wireless microphone that makes it talk.

                          I've only seen him use it to chat with people once, but it is pretty funny.

                          It is opposite the counter, next to the coolers. They hung it up when they remodeled.

                          Also, for anyone who hasn't been there before, tell them it is your first time. You'll get either a roast beef and a brisket for the price of a large roast beef, or half of a brisket free with a roast beef.

                          1. re: Uisge

                            Thank you Uisge--it sounds like all is well in Maverick's land.


                        2. re: Uisge

                          Thank you for the photos. These too do not look like what we were served. We may go back and order a plain roast beef to see what they give us. The link to a review website in a previous post stated that the fries were terrible, but the fries they served us were very crispy and tasted good.

                          1. re: MIKELOCK34

                            Oh, do go back. The brisket sandwiches and the regular roast beef there is terrific. Tell them about your previous experience when you order, and let it be clear that you don't want that again. You did not have a typical experience there at all - it's well worth another try.

                            1. re: pgokey

                              I may sneak over there for lunch one day to try the roast beef, though I am very hesitant. It would be tough to talk my GF into going back for anything except the fries.

                        3. I thought I was the only one who didn't like Maverick's. I ordered one of the roast beef sandwiches and thought it was really dry. I think I threw it away.